Marin Angulo

Waazzaa homies

Describe something you did yesterday

Well yesterday I watched tv half of the day and the other half I went to play soccer with my cousins and my friends at "Indoor Soccer Revolution".

Something you do well

What I do well is play soccer. I love soccer more than anything so if somebody wants to play with me they better know how to play and how to run fast because I ain't teaching anybody and I love running.

Something about your childhood

I used to love drawing everything like every time i saw something i started to drawing it.

Something you learned last week

What I learned this week was nothing seriously NOTHING, I was at home the whole week doing NOTHING, I just ate and watch tv. The only day i did something was yesterday but I don't know if I'm going to do something tomorrow but Monday and Tuesday I did absolutely NOTHING.

Something you can't live without

Something I can't live without is a soccer ball. Every time my parents ask me what i want I ask for a soccer ball.

Something you love to watch/listen to

What i love to watch is soccer games. i watch every soccer game no matter what teams are playing i still watch it.