Primary Update

February 1

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Xīnnián kuàilè

As we move towards the Chinese New Year break next week can I wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year and hope you enjoy time with family and friends as we welcome in the year of the monkey.

Please remember:

Celebrate Lunar New Year - Dress Up

On Friday 5 February we encourage all students and staff to come along in clothes to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This could include traditional attire, red clothing, and/or new clothing, as is the Chinese tradition. I look forward to seeing everyone dressed up.

Year 4 Celebration of Learning

I would like to congratulate the Year 4 teachers, PE staff and the Year 3 & 4 EA staff for their support of the students and organisation of the Year 4 Celebration of Learning last week.

With up to 200 parents in attendance, the students demonstrated their understanding of body systems and encouraged their parents to participate in a wide range of physical activities.

The afternoon was a huge success!

3 Way Conferences

This Thursday we will be conducting 3 way conferences. Please refer to the handbook Donna sent out and speak with team leaders as required for further information. Dinner will be provided and will be available in the staffroom in the designated dinner break. I wish everyone all the best and please speak to someone from PLT if you require support.

Kung Chao School Visit

On Friday we welcomed 20 educators from Kung Chao International School in Taiwan.

I would like to thank Donna for her organisation of this visit, along with Leanne, Peter, Lillian and Maura for their time and effort talking to our guests about DC and the PYP.

Thank you also to the staff who were kind enough to allow the visitors to visit their rooms and observe the great teaching practice happening at DC. We received some lovely feedback about the school in general as well as how welcoming all staff and students were.

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DBIS Chinese Team Visit

Thank you to the Debbie and the Primary Chinese team for welcoming the DBIS Chinese team last week. DBIS staff were very impressed with the teaching and learning occurring in Chinese at DC. They left with some excellent ideas and a clear understanding of what inquiry teaching looks like in Chinese.

Week in Action..

This week..... week beginning 1 February

Meeting Free

Wednesday 3 February: Year 1 Kidsfest trip.

Thursday 4 February: 3 Way Conferences