YOU Are Amazing!!!!

Congratulations on our BEST MONTH this year!

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I am SO incredibly proud of OUR Team!

Despite Spring Break, Passover AND Easter all taking customers and their time away from trunk-show scheduling time, the HUDSON BLINGS sold almost $36,000 of jewelry and accessories in April !!!

AND...Pop The Bubbly, 2 of our team promoted too!!

Krystal Riebesell - Star Stylist!

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Krystal - celebrating her 1st Wedding Anniversary in a few days - promoted to Senior Stylist in January! Not content with this, she set her mind and goals towards Star and coached her growing team towards the success they achieved together in April!

Congratulations Krystal and your amazing team:

Megan Duffy, Stephanie Lee, Hayede Perez, Karen Zavala, Amy Cimino, Jacqueline Vere, Helena Lopez and Jenai Gaccione - what a fabulous and gorgeous Team you make!

Jennifer Sutton - Associate Director!

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Jennifer - who started her business when I was still green as a Stylist, in December 2009 - has consistently been a stellar seller in our Team and consistently sponsors new Stylists in her Team.
When Krystal set her goal of Star, she coached her all the way...and made her own goal of promoting to Associate Director with Krystal's promotion - and together they did it!

It's always been a team effort for Jennifer and, as she she says, she gets the most satisfaction from seeing others succeed with their businesses too.

There's no doubt in my mind that Jennifer will soon move on to Director and that will be a such a proud a happy moment for me and for our Team!!

Congratulations Jennifer - you deserve every bit of success for all your hard work and generous leadership. You're an inspiration and a great role model. You GO girl!

And of course Congratulations also go to your wonderful and hardworking team - including Krystal's aforementioned, and Janine Serio, Joanna Miceli, Joan Spivak, Jennifer Stanco, Allison Russo, Sherill Treworgy, Tara Logan-Delardi, Rosanna Panagakos, Rachel Kashner, Ingrid Kabnick, Lindsay Pinkowsky, Hillary Prince, Vanessa Piazza, Jessica Pearlman, Jessica Newell, Tiffany Luzuriaga, Ivy Moon-Rumsey, Melanie Monforte, Susan Huynh, Aditi Daga, Alison Trapani, Tonya Byrd and Sara Brandsema, and we welcome New Team Members Hailey Aronica and Andrea Scalisi (sponsored by Joan Spivak!) who will no doubt do wonderful things with their new businesses!

Keep it up Ladies! Your an amazing and dedicated Team, destined for continued Team and Individual Success!

And let's not forget that our "Commander in Chief" Carla Greengrass RE-promoted to STAR DIRECTOR!! The Badablings are now a STAR DIRECTOR Team!

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No Better Training - No Better Place to Celebrate Success!

Hoopla Early Bird Registration ($199 v $245 plus $100 product credit) was extended - but it ends on Sunday - May 5th!

$200 of Swag PLUS $100 credit towards Fall Collection!

Fall Collection Fashion Show Launch - plus Early Fall Collection Ordering (at Hoopla!)

First Time Attendees Reception

Senior Stylists Reception

Red Shoe Affair (promote To Star Stylist before Hoopla!)

Dance Party at the Chateau Nightclub

THE BEST training with the Home Office and LOTS of other Stylists from all over the US & Canada - SOOO FUN!

Watch this to catch the bug:


Click to Register!

Double Glam Points May 1st-15th!

Double Glam Points May 1-15 AND our Bling-a-Licious Bingo is extended so you can Book In Tight and get as many Trunk Shows as you can in the next 2 weeks!

Here are some ideas:

* Virtual Trunk Shows - set it up in the lounge and even as a Facebook Event and Hostess Coach just like a regular Trunk Show! Join the S&D Virtual TS FB Group for tips!

- this is great if you have a friend too far away to do a trunk show for!

* Personal Shopping Appointments - all it takes is $200 in sales from 2 orders for your Hostess to get something for free - so do a Personal Shopping Appointment and have her invite a neighbor, friend or relative "for advice" or company!

* Set up in your local Salon - Tara Logan-Delardi had great success with this on Sunday!

* Host your own Trunk Show and make it a Mystery Hostess - enter names in a hat for every $50 spend to win the Hostess Rewards!

* Who do you know who works in an office? Ladies love to lunchtime shop!

If you have any other ideas, please share them with the rest of the Team on the Hudson Blings Facebook Page!

For every Trunk Show you book email me ( or Post on the Hudson Blings FB page and I'll draw a number from the Blingalicious Bowl for the Blingalicious Bingo - some cool prizes to be won, randomly written on some of the numbers in the bowl!

Your name will go on that number on the Blingalicious Bingo Board for all to see! (my apologies for not being on top of this so far - end of month frenzy!)

Rack up those Glam Points - you're closer than you think to winning something!

Training in the Lounge

Lots of great training calls going on - check the Lounge and Today's Buzz email (now in the Stylist Lounge) for details - all these tools are there to help us - Tips From The Top is one of the best calls ever!

XO Rock Out Your May! XO

Emma Greengrass, Associate Director & Personal Stylist, Stella & Dot