Nuclear Fusion As An Energy Source

Cecily Thompson from Thompson Energy Labs

Discovery of nuclear fusion as an energy source!

We have discovered how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source. We have a machine that will use nuclear fusion to produce energy. This will solve all of our energy problems and provide for all of the energy needs on earth.

Nuclear fusion produces energy by the collision of atomic nuclei. New nuclei are formed and there is an energy produced known as binding energy. This is different than nuclear fission in that nuclear fusion requires radioactive materials and nuclear fusion does not.

Fusion is relatively safe in that is does not produce radioactive waste. There is also low risk in harming natural resources. There are no harmful CO2 emissions from the process.

Nuclear fusion as an energy source will have a huge economic impact on our county. Energy rates will change dramatically for the better and will change conventional energy markets.

The prospects for our country are limitless with being able to harass this type of energy. There will be an endless energy supply which will put no limit on energy consumption.