Physical and chemical

Is fun

Physical change

This is an example, an ice cube melting, another one would be water turning into ice cubes, also hot dogs into sliced hot dogs, the definition is- a change in matter that DOES NOT affect its compound.
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Chemichal change

This is FIRE BURNING WOOD LOGS!!!!!, also eggs getting cooked, bacon burning and coal burning. also the definition= chemical Change - a usually irreversible chemical reaction involving the rearrangement of the atoms of one or more substances and a change in their chemical properties or composition, resulting in the formation of at least one new substance
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Chemichal property

A chemical property is a property or behavior of a substance when it undergoes a chemical change or reaction, an example would be fire, ash, lava and other substances.

Physical property

A physichal property is a chariteristic of a substance that can be observed by looking at the substance without changing it, and some examples are below