Military Children

Aurelio Marquez

Military Families

Children that have parents in the military are the most affected because they are also making a sacrifice for our country by having to be separated from their parents for our freedom that we have that other countries may not have. hn
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Children are missing their parents when they are being deployed because they won’t be there during their accomplishments.

Along with these problems there is so much stress over the parent that stays home and takes care of the family.

Kids with military parents make the most sacrifices for our country the same way a soldier fights for our country.

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Children should never pass without a parent during their childhood because those are the most precious moments of their life. The military is a big sacrifice for our troops because they have to leave everything they love behind and have to be in danger almost every day during they are doing their job to keep our country safe and let us live the same way we do because some other countries don't have the same liberties as we do.