By Sydney Harding

Now and Then

Have you ever wondered what differences there are in Breckenridge from when it first opened until now? To start off about Breckenridges history, Breckenridge was created by Genral George E. Spencer in 1859 after John C. Breckendrige the vice presedent of the United States. Breckenridge had gold in a river called Blue River.The first ski resort in Breckenridge was opened for business in December of 1961. To go on about now in Breckenridge, Breckenridge is the most popular ski resort in the Western Hemisphere. It is very popular in the summer too. The elevation is 9600.

What to do in Breckenridge

What to Do in Breckenridge

There are many activities to do in Breckenridge. In Breckenridge you go dog sledding. You get pulled by a team of dogs down the mountain. You can also have a hot air balloon ride. You go above and beyond the mountain to see it from a different view point. Another thing is going fly fishing. Fly Fishing you can do in the winter or summer. It can still keep you active.Finally Ice skating is very popular in the winter. The Ice skating rink is called Maggie Pond. There is many more to do too.