4C News

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Mrs. Close's Class ~ It's been an exciting week in math! We reviewed the first CML of the year. You'll find your child's competition in his/her Friday folder. You'll notice that corrections have been made and stapled to the original paper. The students had their first experience with Math Olympiad. That will come home in the next Friday folder. Factors, multiples, prime numbers, and composite numbers are our current focus. We'll end the unit with more division and the multiplication of double digit by double digit numbers. Keep those exit ticket corrections coming my way!

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have been focusing on multiplication. This week I have taught the children how to multiply using a couple of different algorithms. The first we used was the partial products method, this method is an extension of our unit on place value and taught the kids to multiply using the different places of the larger factor. I then taught the kids the traditional algorithm, this is the way that most of us were taught to multiply. I encouraged the kids to choose whichever method they feel most comfortable with. It is important that the kids know their basic multiplication facts any support you can provide at home would be greatly appreciated.


The kids did a marvelous job presenting their explorer posters. It was evident that many kids practiced at home and memorized much of their information. Presenting to peers is not an easy task!

Small groups continue to meet. The students reading Hatchet have finished and will begin a new book after Thanksgiving break. The How to Steal a Dog group is just about hitting the climax of the story!

The 4C writers tackled a benchmark piece this past week. They answered this question: Should students only be allowed to buy healthy food in the cafeteria? They had 45 minutes to write their opinion and support it with at least three reasons. In the spring, the kids will write another opinion piece. I am excited to see the growth!

Our next integrated unit will be all about Colonial America!


The snails have arrived!

Feast of Favorites

We are going to have a great feast tomorrow! Thank you very much in advance for your support and generosity.

Ornament Workshop

On Monday, December 19th, we'll spend the morning making ornaments! Please use the link below if you're interested in helping that morning. We'll be crafting from 9-11:30ish! The kids will be painting and using those fine motor skills! In addition, I'm asking each child to contribute $3 towards the cost of supplies. Thank you for your continued support!

Dates to Remember

November 21 - Report Card Day & Feast of Favorites

November 23-25 ~ No School

November 29 - Evening Parent Conferences

December 1 - 1/2 Day for Parent Conferences

December 2 - 1/2 Day for Parent Conferences

December 7 - Evening Conferences

December 19 - Ornament Workshop