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October 2015

Fall is Here!

Technically speaking, fall started on September 23 this year, but everyone knows that fall doesn’t really start until the first day of October. Fall is a great time to get together with friends, snuggle under the blankets to watch a scary movie with the lights off, or finally decide what to wear for halloween. Four-hundred plus students took a quick survey to determine “favorite fall things” like drinks, activities, and candies. When the students results’ came back, they were surprising.

"Fall drink” choices were apple cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, and cinnamon water. It was expected that hot chocolate would pull ahead by a landslide, followed by pumpkin spice latte (for all those Starbucks lovers out there), but in fact, apple cider won with 85 votes, hot chocolate coming in close second with 78. The latte got a mere 26 votes and cinnamon water, not surprisingly, only received 2.

The second survey question dealt with genres of halloween costumes. “Scary” won with 88 votes, with the next highest vote of 57, “others”, coming next. Dropping down to the twenties brings us “superheroes” with 28 and “princesses” with 23. Interpretations of these genres differ from person to person but results don’t lie.

Fall activities came next. There are plenty of things to do in the fall but after narrowing it down considerably only playing in the leaves, going through corn mazes, watching scary movies (horror or cheesy), and reading thrillers. The leading activities were corn mazes with 90 votes and watching scary movies with 84. Playing in the leaves came in third with 20 votes and with seven, reading thrillers.

Last but not least, everyone's favorite part of fall: candy. Milky Way candy came in last place with 29 votes, followed by KitKats with 45. Next came Skittles with 56 votes, and Reese’s won with 63 votes.

Special thank you to all the homeroom teachers whose classes participated in the survey.

Written By: Emily Baker

Fall activities in our local community

There are so many activities that you can do in the beautiful autumn weather: picking apples, carving pumpkins, strolling through corn mazes with friends, having bonfires, going to costume parties and haunted houses and of course Trick-or-Treating!

There are numerous local places you can go to experience these activities. Monroe’s Orchard is a great place that allows you to pick your own pumpkins, raspberries, strawberries, apples, and cherries. You can stop by and watch them make their own cider too! Derthick’s Farm is another place where you can go to get a fun experience with your family and friends. At Derthick’s Farm there is the “Farm Experience” where you can learn about farming and farm animals. You can pick your own pumpkins and try to find your way through their corn maze.

Written By: Nicole Hocevar

Crestwood Students Show their Spirit

During the week before Homecoming, many traditions take place. An annual tradition has been to decorate each hallway at the high school to represent each class. Each grade decorates their hallway with a theme of their choice to excite students about the upcoming football game and dance. This year was no exception, with astonishing artistic ability and creativity CHS showed their school spirit!

Pictured above, the senior class chose to decorate their hallway as a circus, with the performers being the senior class. A giant stuffed gorilla welcomed you as you entered the newly transformed hallway. With every doorway decorated with a small curtain over top, a walkway of foam, and circus animals drawn throughout the hallway. Overall, the hall looked like one large circus tent!

Juniors on the other hand went with a pirate theme. At the entrance, there was a cut-out pirate ship with its very own pirate popping out of it. There were black chains hung throughout the hallway with the teachers’ faces taped onto a cross and bones in front of their rooms. Each door had a pirate face made with emoji looking eyes and mouths.

The sophomore class’ theme was “Sophomores in Wonderland” nicknamed after “Alice in Wonderland.” Throughout the hallway there were decorations and drawings created after the story tale. Sophomores came up with several puns telling that Crestwood was going to dominate the G-men. The hallway was well decorated and had a fun theme.

The freshman made their class hallway into a ‘Freshman on Fire’ theme. Their hall was decorated in reds and yellows, giving the whole hallway an eery and fired-up feel. The main decoration of the hallway was a bonfire that spit out smoke, giving the hallway a smokey look. A devil was camped around the fire, “roasting” a G-man.

The senior class had a landslide victory with their circus themed hallway. Runner-up was the sophomores, closely behind with the freshman in third place. The juniors came up short in last place, although each hallway showed tremendous school spirit and creativity.

Written By: Ryan Erway

Photos by: Shanley Kline

Red Devils Trump the G-Men

On Friday October 9, 2015 the Crestwood Red Devils took on the Garfield G-men. It was the homecoming game for Crestwood and the air felt electric. All Crestwood Students dressed in red to support the team. The Red Devils went into halftime with a 27-14 lead, proceeding to score 4 more times. Both senior Aaron Czerny and junior Jordan Fabry took turns playing quarterback. In the first half, Czerny threw to Fabry on a quick screen then Fabry proceeded to sprint 16 yards for a touchdown. In the third quarter, Fabry threw a deep pass to Czerny for a touchdown. The Red Devils were just as disruptive on defense as they were on offense. Disrupting passes from the G-men and even setting them back yards. Coach Sean Dockery said, “We played really clean and didn’t make a lot of mistakes. This week versus Rootstown we’re going to try to stay clean and in control.” The Red Devils trumped the G-men in a 53-14 victory.

Written By: Emma Dockery

2015 Homecoming King and Queen

Homecoming 2015 fell on Saturday, October 10. The freshman on Homecoming court were Reilly Kline and Dominic Picone. Sophomores on court were Sophia Cobb and Sean Brooks. The juniors this year were Jake Krupp and Mia Miller. To choose one the king and queen, the entire senior class voted for one male and one female, choosing from Ashley Agle, Bailee Kodash, Romie Schweickert, Alyssa Campbell and Aaron Czerny, Cameron Mordue, Dylan Sweet, and Sam Oliphant. The Homecoming King and Queen, Romie Schweikert and Cameron Mordue, were crowned at the Homecoming football game against the Garrettsville G-Men.

Written By: Audrey Klatik

Expansion: A Myth or a Reality

Is expanding Crestwood High School a myth or a reality? After interviewing the superintendent, principal, and a teacher, it seems the possibility is a myth. A new school or renovating the school is a reality.

Mr. Toth, the Superintendent of Crestwood Schools, busts the myth: “On the Crestwood homepage there is a poll/survey asking if people would want a new school, renovation, high school middle school combined campus, or a YMCA branch renovation/with new school.” This is to help the board on ideas on furthering the Crestwood School experience.

The new Crestwood High School (CHS) Academy English teacher, Katylyn Kuchta, thinks otherwise. She attended Streetsboro High School and brings in a fresh opinion. Kuchta commented, "I was immediately blown away at the rigor of the class work at Crestwood High. What we have at Crestwood is one of the most academically ripe opportunities compared to other schools I've taught at. Crestwood High structurally does not match the progressive coursework.”

High school principal encourages members of the community to "visit the webpage and take the survey so that their voice is heard."

Written By: Noah Worron, Alek Beaver, Curtis Stephens, and Joey Donat

Crestwood Sports Torn by Injuries

This fall, injuries are taking a toll on numerous athletes at Crestwood High School. Most are members of the soccer team. According to senior soccer player Isabel Hysing, the injuries range from a broken foot to pulled quad muscles to concussions. Among the injured are sophomore Frank Fugman, who broke his foot, sophomore Maddie Huntington, who suffers from an injured knee, and seniors Lindsay Thut and Isabel Hysing who both experienced pulled quadriceps this season. So many injuries raise this question: Should we be doing more to prevent sports injuries?

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease, most sports injuries are due to poor conditioning, not stretching or not warming up. All coaches are required to have athletes stretch and warm up. Once a player is injured he or she should focus on healing, not “working through the pain” as many players and even coaches might suggest.

There are multiple ways to speed up your recovery process, such as taking anti-inflammatory drugs, immobilization, rehabilitation exercises, and rest.

Stated in the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease article, it was proven that when it comes to coaches, the prevention they should take with the injuries among their athletes includes grouping the athletes by skill level and size, not age, especially in contact sports. Coaches should also be sure not to push the athletes past their limits, which can result in strains and tears.

The athletes themselves should wear the correct gear, make sure they are well conditioned for their sport, know not to play when they’re in pain or exhausted, and to always do the warm up and the cool down stretches.

Written By: Melina Edic, Amber Davis, Melody Bencie, Gabi Campana, and Morgan Chesla.

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