Minimum Wage

Natalie Carpenter

What is Minimum Wage

min·i·mum wage


  1. the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement (such as one with a labor union).

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The Highest Minimum Wage

The highest national minimum wage can be found in Australia at $9.54 an hour.

Protesting in Portland

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 9:30am

Portland, OR, United States

Portland, OR

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A small group of protesters gathered at O’Bryant Square in downtown Portland Tuesday as part of a national push for a $15 minimum wage


1. There are 5 states without a state minimum wage.

2. There are 13 states states that annually increase their state minimum to keep up with the rising cost of living.

3. Congress passed legislation to increase the minimum wage in the last 30 years 3 times.

My Opinion

I believe there should be a living wage and a minimum wage. People over the age of 18 could apply for a higher (not necessarily $15) wage, and the people under 18 can work with a minimum. If you are technically an adult you should be able to make enough money to support yourself on your own.

What Did I Learn?

Minimum wage varies depending on each state and each country. I also learned that Congress generally keeps up with changing the minimum wages and about 20% of states up with minimum wages.