research abstract

the effect of internet use on adolescent self esteem

by Taylor D'Alelio

My research paper begins with a brief history of social networking sites, also highlighting their pros and cons. An example of a positive effect as given in the paper is staying in touch with family members. Some negative effects include cyber bullying and depression.

The first paragraph is an abbreviated history of social media, ranging from 1969 to present day. It compares each site and explains the evolution.

The paper then moves to explain depression, one of the negative effects of social media over-use. It gives the definition and symptoms and explains how social media use and depression are related. One point that is made is that when an individual spends an exorbitant amount of time on the internet, they are more likely to feel depressed because they lose social skills. Very few skills are required when using a keyboard. Consequently, individuals lose the ability to not seem awkward and calculated. This leads to feelings of self-hatred, because they are not accepted by their peers.

The next item addressed in my paper is anorexia, which is defined as an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat. It gives details and insights into the anorexic life and explains the reasoning behind the desire for a lower weight.

The rest of the paper explains other negative effects of internet over-use such as cyber bullying and cyber stalking. The paper ends with a summary that emphasizes that while there are some positive effects, the negative ones are growing heavier and heavier on today's adolescent generation.