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eReader details

The ARCHOS 70c eReader: the new Android™-based 7” full color touchscreen eReader.

The ARCHOS 70c eReader brings colour, touchscreen and WiFi capabilities to enhance your digital reading experience.

Not only more comfortable but it also makes reading easier by downloading books, using online dictionaries and even sharing your opinion on the book or magazine you are reading straight from the eReader itself. The ARCHOS 70c eReader is WiFi-equipped so you can read and buy books online without using a computer.
The ARCHOS 70c eReader runs Android™ 2.1 Éclair, meaning that you can download any of the thousands of eBooks, comics and fun applications available on AppsLib, straight to your device.
Easy to use, its SD slot (accepting memory cards up to 16 GB*) lets you store all your ebooks, music and video files. Your entire library can fit into the ARCHOS 70c eReader.