Fourth Grade Fundamentals

January 29, 2016

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday, February 1 - Spirit Night at Kendra Scott in Southlake

Friday, February 5 - Wear Red for heart health

Wednesday, February 10 - Play it Safe Presentations

Friday, February 12 - VALENTINE'S DAY parties/Jumprope for Heart collection forms due

Monday, February 15 - STAFF DEVELOPMENT (No School for Students)

Look for a "Sign-up Genius" e-mail next week so that you can plan for our student/parent/teacher conferences which are on the following days:

Wednesday, February 17 - EARLY RELEASE at 11:45 for Conferences

Thursday, February 18 - EARLY RELEASE at 11:45 for Conferences


GRAMMAR - We will continue to work on recognizing and writing complex sentences. We will find mentor sentences that begin with words such as because, since, and although. In this case, the sentence begins with a dependent clause and ends with the independent clause. Encourage your reader/writer to look for these in his/her chapter book and explain the two parts to you.

EX: Because it's a science fiction book, I wrote the title in the science fiction section of my "25 Book Challenge" recording sheet.

SPELLING - Our orthographers will be examining words that contract (get smaller).

Examples are couldn't, won't, doesn't. Our students will need to know where the apostrophe should be placed and why. They will also be examining words that grow together to become one (compound words). Some examples are baseball, someone, and everybody.

NOTE: There was a typo on last week's concept. Mrs. Singletary "owns" that mistake:) Kudos to the kiddos who picked up on this! It should have been "crier" and not "cryer." We have some great editors among us!


We will be taking a close look at some exemplary examples of expository writing to notice what exemplary authors include. Good expository writing exposes what you know.....adding extra details as you go. We can expect to find exact words and phrases that show the writer is an expert on his/her topic.


The Mexican Revolution has occurred. Mexicans in Texas (Tejanos) began to rebuild their communities after the war and empresarios like Stephen F. Austin were busy founding colonies and attracting Anglo immigrants from the United States. Daily life in these new colonies was not easy, and more conflicts are on the horizon. Will there be another revolution? (We will learn about these conflicts next week).

Science News

Me and My Shadow! We've been learning about shadows; what makes them and how they change throughout the day. Ask your child what TWO things we need to make a shadow.


This week in math has been all about division! We are learning that you can divide numbers equally or have remainders left over. We are working on using our long division steps. Ask your child what Daddy, Mother, Sister, Brother means to division. Also, ask your child what the quotient is in a division problem!


Our readers are excited about collaborating and learning with each other as they begin a study about various fictional genres. As the students lead one another in their discussions, they will notice how the elements of fiction work together. They will make inferences as they discuss character traits and will determine the theme of their fictional books. Afterwards, they will reflect on their group work as well as individual participation.