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A Message From The Principal

Spring is here!

I hope all of you had a relaxing, restful, and joyous time with family and friends during our break. The quality time you spend with family and friends is an essential part of a healthy and, ultimately, a good life.

As you know, due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, many of our Cardinals are still struggling socially, emotionally, financially, and academically. Many thought that this pandemic would have been over months ago, but we are now experiencing the fourth wave at the start of our second year. If you or your students are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please keep your student(s) home from school. When working remotely (because of illness), students should continue to check in with their teachers and complete all assignments each day they are out of school. Teachers may ask their students to take their tests and quizzes when they return to school.

The Genesse Health Department requires school personnel to contact trace and place students in quarantine for 14 days if exposed to a COVID-19 positive person. The vast majority or possibly all of the Davison High School students who have contracted COVID-19 this year have been exposed from outside sources, such as family members, a house party, or their work. We have seen no to little evidence of community spread of the virus in the High School. We are aware of the new variants of COVID- 19, especially the UK variant that is more contagious.

Moreover, please help us remind your student(s) to keep their masks over their nose and foam in and out of their classrooms while they are at the High School. We must remain vigilant in order to keep our schools open because we know that for most students, the best place for learning is in a safe, clean school building.

Furthermore, the SAT, Work Keys, M-Step, and PSAT are just a week away. Each year in April, Juniors take the SAT, Work Keys, and M-Step tests, and Freshmen and Sophomores take the PSAT (Practice SAT). In a typical year, Seniors would have completed all of their testings in their Junior year; that was not the case last year because of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Education require schools to test all of our students each year, minus Seniors. Of course, like everything this last year, things have changed from minute to minute, causing confusion. As I write this letter, the United States Department of Education has not waived the testing requirement; however, the Michigan Department of Education has waived a portion of the requirement for online students only.

Therefore, we highly recommend that Seniors that have not taken the SAT this year and all Juniors that can (online or F2F) take the SAT, Work Keys, and M-Step testing this year take it. Suppose your student is an online student and is concerned about a health-related issue because of COVID - 19. In that case, we will follow the guidance of the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and waive the graduation requirement. If your student can take the tests, please encourage them to do so. It will help them with future college applications, future scholarship opportunities and compare their learning against students all across the country. Davison students do reasonably well overall on these standardized tests as we score above the state’s average and the nation. We use this data to compare ourselves against schools in the county, and we use the data to improve our practices. The Work Keys Test is a basic skills test where students can place a passing score on their resume’. Many organizations used the Work Keys or similar tests as a hiring practice for support staff or temporary employees. Many of these types of jobs high school or college students tend to apply to during their first few years in the workforce.

Continually, for any critical learning, extensive assessments like the SAT, students should study early and often to retain the important information long-term. By studying early and often, their knowledge will be retained in their long-term memory for students to retrieve when they need it. If students cram for a test the night before, they will be exhausted and only retain the information in their short-term memory, which is lost or useless soon after taking the assessment.

Like I stated above, many of our students are struggling at the High School, and we will do all we can to assist our students and their families. The DHS Guidance Office will continue to be open and work with students who need someone to listen to them. Our wonderful guidance counselors will direct families on where they can go for additional resources for more serious student and/or family needs. After school, DHS teachers are available every day from 2:11 PM to 2:41 PM for students who need extra help.

Finally, please help me in thanking our dedicated staff at Davison High School. This year has not been easy; however, the staff has stepped up to help students and parents during these difficult times. Our Parent Advisory members Karin Jackson and Claudia Singles, are organizing the Staff Appreciation Raffle and Breakfast for May 7, 2021. They are collecting donations to either raffle off or collecting money to buy items and show appreciation for our incredible TEAM at Davison High School. If you would like to donate, you can contact the High School or drop off the donation at the security desk. If you have any questions or concerns about anything in the Davison Insider or any questions at all, please, call us at 810.591.3531.

Stay Safe, and Go, Cards!

Ron J. Jacobs - DHS Principal

Important Dates

May 2021

June 2021

Credit Recovery for Students

Click here for the Spring 2021 Credit Recovery Registration Form

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Anyone who ordered Graduation Announcements, they will be available for pick up in the Main Hallway of DHS on April 30th, starting at 8:30 am.

Cap & Gown distribution will be May 17, 2021 beginning at 9:00 a.m.


The college board opportunity scholarship just opened up for Juniors, to get more information click the link: https://opportunity.collegeboard.org/


Sign up for test outs starts April 5—April 23, 2021.

Sign up in the Guidance Office.

Test Outs will occur the WEEK of May 24, 2021.

Teachers will determine day of the week and time of the test.


Please refer to the 2020-2021 Parent Student Handbook, Administrative Policies, page 18 and 19, for all Dress Code policies. This is a reminder of a few of the following inappropriate apparel:

 Jeans/slacks MUST NOT have holes that expose skin in areas more than 7” above the crease behind the knee.

 Shirts/tops/dresses showing midriff or are cut too low.

 Hats, bandanas, hoods or headgear (including headbands & sunglasses) must be removed upon entering the building.

 Sleeveless shirts/tops/dresses without collars or crew necks (shoulder straps less than 2 inches in width.)

 Shorts, skirts, and dresses more than 7” above the crease behind the knee.

**See the Parent Student Handbook for a complete list of Dress Code policies**


Please make sure you are parking in the parking spot which has been assigned to you! If someone is in your spot, please do not shift to the next spot as that is also someone’s parking spot! If this happens, park in the front drop off area and come to the front office to get a temporary parking permit for the day. Also, please take a picture of the car license plate and/or permit number so that we can track down who is parked in your spot.

Counseling Google Classroom

Attention all students! Please join the counseling google classrooms! Stay up to date on information and opportunities throughout the school year.

9th grade class of 2024: cx26t2k

10th grade class of 2023: 6rum7fu

11th grade class of 2022: uchvi2h

12th grade class of 2021: rutjfeu

Prom 2021

The planned venue for Prom is postponed, however, we are working on alternative plans in hopes that the Michigan Health Department will allow us to hold an alternative Prom as we did last spring. We would caution against students from buying dresses, tuxedos, etc. right now. We will keep everyone updated on the situation as we learn more.

Furthermore, there is a parent-led Senior Prom planned for May 21, 2021. The Parent-led prom appears to be well organized, however, the Prom is not school-sponsored, school officials will not be attending, or organizing the event in any way.

Project Graduation

We are in need of Junior and Senior parents to help with Project Graduation. If you are interested in volunteering, or have questions, contact Daniela Luna at danni.g0511@gmail.com.

ATTENTION PARENTS: Senior Highlights

To celebrate our seniors during this historic time, we will be highlighting several

students in each month’s DHS Insider. If you would like to get your senior involved,

please email Jane Morrison at jmorrison@davisonschools.org with the subject line: Senior Highlights—(Student’s Name).

The parameters of this project include the following:

Less than 250 words, 1-3 pictures of the student, student’s high school

accomplishments, future life plans, current goals, hobbies, and a little message from your family, if desired.

All entries may be edited for space and appropriateness.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Morrison, or call DHS at 810-591-3531.

We would love to get as much participation as possible to celebrate all of the hard work these seniors have put in during the past four years.

2021 Genesee Opportunity Stipend

We are excited to announce that the 2021 Genesee Opportunity stipend application is now available for the class of 2021. High school graduates who lived in and attended high school in Genesee County are eligible to receive the Genesee Opportunity stipend. The stipend can be used toward costs to attend approve colleges and training institutions. You can find the stipend applications and more details at geneseego.org.

Chromebook Issues?

If you are having an issue with your Chromebook, accessing technology, etc. You MUST email helpdesk@davisonschools.org and open a ticket with the Technology Department staff for assistance. You will be instructed from the Technology Dept. as to what to do next.

The AIA Flint, Donald E. Lee Architecture Scholarship For 2021 Is Now Open

To download an application and further required criteria and details please visit www.aiaflint.com

For more information contact: John K. Costa

AIA Flint- Scholarship Committee Chairman


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Volunteer Opportunities

The Care Team Hospice is currently looking for volunteers for two programs. The first is a pen-pal program with current patients in hospice care. This opportunity requires student consent agreeing to not share any patient information as well as a parent consent if they are under 18.

The second opportunity is for in-person volunteering with hospice patients providing

companionship/caregiver respite. To volunteer for this position, you must be 16 years

old and have a valid state ID/driver’s license for a background check. You will also need to have a negative TB test and to attending training. This opportunity is mainly on hold due to COVID restrictions, however, we are still contacting interested volunteers to create their file with the intent to continue onboarding them as restrictions are lifted.

For any questions, please contact Ashley Gordon, Volunteer Coordinator at The Care Team Hospice at 833-483-2272 or 810-407-4001.

For any questions about current Community Service opportunities or your hours, please contact Mrs. V. in the Career Center.

Tutoring Opportunities

GVSU K-12 Connect Virtual Tutoring is available for any student in grades K-12 beginning. This program is a free, virtual 1:1 tutoring/homework support service in which students can harness additional learning support through connecting with university students, faculty, or staff with expertise in various subjects through Zoom. Whether you are looking for a one-time appointment or recurring, weekly sessions, the tutoring center can accommodate any student's tutoring needs.

Students must bring homework or content to work on to every tutoring session.

Currently, K-12 Connect offers tutoring in the following subject areas and grade levels:

  • Language: Spanish (K-12), Mandarin Chinese (K-12), German (6-12), French (9-12)
  • Math (K-12)
  • English Language Arts (K-12)
  • Science (K-12)
  • Social Studies (K-12)



Complete an online parental consent form for every child using K-12 Connect services.




Now that you've completed a consent form, you can start the process of setting up for your tutoring session by searching for an available tutor.

Search for an Available Tutor

Instructions to find your tutor:

  1. Click "Select an Option" to choose your subject and grade level.
  2. Click "Show Filter Options" to narrow your search based on availability.
  3. Next, sign up for an appointment.

Remember, you are only signing up for your first initial session with your tutor. At the end of your session, if you'd like recurring sessions set up, work with your tutor to determine best day/time/length/and duration of sessions moving forward. Your tutor will set them all up for you.

Specific instructions on how to sign up and create an account profile are provided below:

Signing Up and Creating an Account


Join your first virtual tutoring session through the Zoom link provided in your confirmation email. Be sure to have homework or content for you tutor to assist with. Students will begin in a waiting room until the receptionist is available to check them in and move them into their tutoring room.

Get to you know your tutor and share items you need support in. At the end of your time, decide if this will be a recurring session. If so, agree on a recurring day, time, length, and duration before leaving your session. Your tutor will set up future appointments.


Complete the short survey that will be linked in a follow-up email. This will help us to continually improve the virtual tutoring service.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact k12connect@gvsu.edu.

Genesee County Prevention Coalition Youth Advisory Board

Genesee County Prevention Coalition

Youth Advisory Board

This is in regards to a new youth engagement collaboration forming as part of the Drug

Free Communities grant with the Genesee County Prevention Coalition. As a

substance abuse prevention coalition, they focus on reducing risk factors as well as

promoting protective factors in our area youth. The GCPC has developed an initiative

that works to bring together a diverse group of high school aged leaders ages 14-19

years from across Genesee County as consultants for promoting substance abuse prevention in the county.

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a body of young people that will convene on

behalf of the Genesee County Prevention Coalition (GCPC) to inform and advise

communication strategies that directly impact their peers around substance use.

YAB members will be recruited from a wide variety of organizations and schools

throughout Genesee County. The diverse perspectives provided by YAB members

will prove invaluable for GCPC’s understanding on how to promote healthy choices among Genesee County youth.

If you are interested in being a part of this group, please visit this link for more information and the application:


NHS Tutoring

Volunteers from NHS will be offering tutoring after school every Tuesday and Thursday in the Library from 2:15—2:45

Below is information and a link to access virtual tutoring. Parents, please be aware that there must be a third person in the meeting (parent, sibling, another student being tutored) for transparency reasons.


Student Support

DHS is offering student help time every school day, Monday through Friday, from 2:11pm to 2:41pm. During this help time, DHS teachers will be supporting and tutoring our students in either Google Meet/Zoom meeting, or in a face to face meeting.

Please contact your teacher(s) for support or tutoring.