Friday Focus

Friday, Nov. 14, 2014 . . . vol. 2, no. 13

Meant to cut down on the number of emails you receive from me, Friday Focus is a quick digest of news and notes for members of the Indianapolis Public Library Shared System.

Please Read Your Friday Focus

You all work so hard - and have tons of interruptions. I know that because I used to walk in your shoes, remember? Your Friday Focus isn't "just" a newsletter - it really is a substitute for the 17 emails a week I had been sending you before we agreed a newsletter might lighten the burden of reading all my emails. When you read Friday Focus, pat yourself on the back for MULTIPLE emails taken care of, not just one.

Also, feel free to forward Friday Focus to your whole school, or to particular teachers, or cut and paste from it. For example, everyone at your school should know about the ColtStrongLibrary/Strong contest which starts tomorrow!

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ColtStrong, LibraryStrong II Contest Kicks off TOMORROW Saturday, November 15

Flyers will be in your next blue tote delivery! Spread the word!

For details, see last week's issue of Friday Focus.

The contest is for kids, ages 6-17, to use their Library cards for a chance to win a visit in person from Andrew and Dwayne, hosted at the Library branch of their choice.

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Meet Mr. Seats

Ron Seats, pictured above with the Colts posters, may have already made a delivery to your school this week. While he just joined the Shipping & Receiving team on Monday, he's not new! Ron used to deliver to the Shared System, and actually trained Mr. Booker! He's worked for the library for about 15 years, most recently in Accounting. He is excited to get back behind the wheel of a delivery van and out to the schools. He's also a cross country coach so you may notice him sprinting to the door with your blue totes!

Please be sure to introduce yourself to Mr. Seats, and introduce him to your office staff, your students, your administration. As you know, his job is an important one and we want him to know how much he is appreciated!

Shared System Member Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 1-3pm

2450 N Meridian St

Indianapolis, IN

NOTE: The location is set! Please RSVP. Remember, these meetings are part of the Agreement your school signed with IndyPL so your attendance is very important.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Build Your Collection for (Almost) Free

We have some books piling up in my office that I think you all might like. To make it easier for you to review them and make good decisions, I created a GoodReads account called Indyplsharedsytem and put 30 titles on my To-Read and Available bookshelves. If you would like some brand new books for your library, create a NEW GoodReads account for your school library. (DON'T USE YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT!) I asked Kristen Williams (school library manager at SJA who is on a leave of absence right now) to help test the procedures. Here's what she wrote:

When setting up my GoodReads account, I put SJALibrary in the “name” field. I then used my school email address and a new password.

I was able to search for Indyplsharedsystem from my “friends” list on the top right of the screen. I requested to be your friend, and you accepted my request. I created a new shelf in my account and gave it my library's code (SJA). I could see the books available on your shelves. The descriptions of the books were valuable. I also appreciated reading reviews of the books I was considering. The genre section on the right side of the screen helped me determine the intended age group of a book. When I had selected a book I wanted for our library, I clicked on the green “want to read” icon and checked my SJA shelf.

It was all pretty straight forward!

Once you have an account and shelf set up, look at my list and follow Kristen's instructions. Then shoot me an email letting me know you have made some selections. I will use the date stamp on your email to distribute books on a first come, first serve basis. As soon as I can, I will go in and take the books off my Available shelf, and put them on the Alas - not avail shelf so you know they've been taken. I'll put them on a shelf with your library name on it, and print a list for us to use instead of a packing slip. Remember when I said these were almost free? All you'll have to pay for is cataloging and processing. If you want a title or titles for prizes instead of your library, just let me know that by email and I'll send them to you without the cataloging!

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Interested in Diversity?

Rethinking Children's Literature: Read for Change, Winter Edition, Volume 1, Issue 2 is now available for download as an app. The photo above is a screenshot to give you an idea of what to expect!

Diversity in children's literature is critical in constructing culture and community identity. We grow up and are conditioned by the stories we read as children and retell as adults. This gatekeeping that happens at home, in schools, and in communities often prevents new stories, different stories, rewritten stories from being consumed, read, and valued as quality literature.

This issue highlights celebrated children's book writer and featured Ted speaker, Jarrett J. Krosoczka, who writes about the importance of imagination in story telling, featured book trailers from a variety of authors including Leslea Newman, Patricia Polacco's, and Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, teacher resources and ideas, and rewritten and original stories such as Goodnight Hospital Room, a piece that parodies Brown and Hurd's classic book and is meant to provide comfort to children who are in need of chronic care, Syd the Fellah about a prince looking for his partner, and The Shot Heard Around the Town: The Story About How One Boy Can Change the World, an original tale that advocates for nonviolence in our communities.

Download this free app to your tablet through the App Store or the Android Market. (Tablet only)

App Store:

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Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Central Library

Somebody's reading Friday Focus! Maxine Miles, from Cardinal Ritter HS, is in the top 10 of
the Slammin' Rhymes Challenge. The theme teens wrote poems about this year was “Raising the Bar – I am Connected, Unique and Powerful!” Think about dropping in to see if it's something your students would want to do next year. Click here for more info!

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