Important Information Regarding Distance Learning

Dear Butterfly Ridge Families,

I hope this finds you well. We are thinking about and missing our students very much. Please tell them “Hello” from all of us and that we are looking forward to connecting with them online!

As you know, FCPS has announced that we have received state approval to begin to support continuity of learning while schools remain closed. As announced, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maryland schools will be closed through Friday, April 24, with a reassessment that may extend this time.

Rest assured, that the BRES staff have been working very hard on bringing instruction to our students. We will begin the implementation of our continuity of learning plan on Monday, March 30.

It is important to remember that distance learning does not only occur online. Each teacher has been planning for ways to ensure continuity of learning for our students! While our teachers have been working on ways to provide learning online, paper packets with similar instruction, are available to those families that choose this medium or do not have access to learning online. If you have not contacted the school, or have not been contacted by the school for your preference of instruction, please email me @ or call the school at 240-566-0300 and leave a message. We will be checking messages daily.

BRES is encouraging our families to participate in the online learning as this will provide a more timely and interactive experience for our students.

FCPS is pleased to announce that we will be providing Chromebooks and internet-capable Wi-Fi hotspots to students who do not have a way to access online learning during school closure. FCPS invites students who need devices to stop at their nearest high school to pick up a Chromebook and/or Wi-Fi access device, as explained below.


We invite parents/guardians of elementary (grades preK-5) students to pick up a Chromebook. FCPS will loan Chromebooks only to students who have not already been assigned an FCPS-owned device via the FCPS 1:1 technology program or do not have access to a comparable device at home. High/middle school students who were absent from school the Friday before the closure, and did not have their 1:1 device with them, should follow instructions from the principal about how to obtain a Chromebook.


Due to the limited supply, FCPS's goal is to ensure the hotspots are only issued to families in need of Wi-Fi services in their homes. Only one hotspot will be loaned to a family, regardless of how many children are in the family, as the devices can handle multiple users simultaneously.

These devices will be available at all 10 area high schools from 9 AM-3 PM tomorrow, Friday, March 27 while supplies last. If you are unable to pick up a device on Friday, please contact the school by emailing or call 240-566-0300. If supplies are still available, we will determine the best way to distribute devices to those still in need next week.

Recipients of Chromebooks and/or hotspots MUST know their child's FCPS Student ID Number this can be found on their last report card for elementary students.

Parents/Guardians will be required to sign a form stating that their child will take responsible care of the device until it is returned when the school closure ends.

Parents can pre-sign the form by going to

Understand that there may be long lines and lengthy wait times. Please exercise appropriate social distancing of at least 6 feet between yourself and the family in front of you and behind you.

If you are choosing to receive a Chromebook or have indicated that you have a Chromebook, then you are choosing the online learning platform. Reminder--any assignment online can be printed or completed on paper (please see below for information of how to return work to teachers).

Paper packets are not needed for families that choose Chromebooks, or have indicated that you have a device, even if there are multiple children in the household.

Please see below for the process for picking up paper copies. Please pay special attention to the process for receiving work back. Each teacher will determine and notify families of what items will be graded as students will get one grade per week in math, language arts, and social studies/science. If your child has an IEP, the special education manager will be contacting you to review instruction that aligns with this plan.

As we go through this uncharted journey, I would like to thank you ahead of time for your flexibility and trust in our school staff to provide instruction as best we can under the circumstances. The online material will also include links for enrichment and additional activities, as well as links to support students needing additional practice. Teachers will communicate times they are available for quick or immediate responses through “office hours” and be available by email or other communication methods for assistance. Our administrative staff is also available and can be reached through email or voice mail.

Teachers will use either Schoology or Google Classroom as their platform for Continuity of Learning.

Teachers will be in contact to let you know which one they will be using for online instruction as well as how to access the learning. Please be sure that your phone will accept calls and that the voice mailbox is cleared. Also if you have changed phone numbers recently, please let us know.

We have and will continue to put great information, links, and tutorials on our website to assist families in getting on to platforms teachers will be using such as Google Classroom and Schoology--we have placed two helpful links below!

This is a challenge that the BRES staff is prepared and ready to take! While certainly not the same, we will appreciate your constructive feedback regarding the ease of use for our distance learning options.

Please take care of yourselves and your family as we look forward to the students' return.

Together we are #BRESSTRONG!

Together in Education,

Dr. Patty Hosfelt


Butterfly Ridge Elementary

Mrs. Susan Amerena

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Lisa Wrzesinski

Assistant Principal

Butterfly Ridge Elementary Continuity of Learning Paper Copy Process

Monday Pick Up

  • Families will be invited to pick up paper copies of work at the school on Mondays from 9:30 am – 11:30 am at the front of the school (additional sites may be added if necessary and available at a later date)
  • Please be prepared to let staff know the grade level when you drive up
  • Staff will hand the paper copies through the window of the car (please only roll window down slightly enough to get packet through)
  • No other interaction will occur
  • Families who have questions or special needs will call the front office @ 240-566-0300

Options for receiving work back

We have made the decision, that at Butterfly Ridge, that we are not going to receive papers back. While certainly, this is not ideal, we are putting in measures to keep families and staff safe as well as provide the timeliest feedback possible.

Families—if paper packets is your method of instruction, please let your teacher know how you will be returning work.

If paper is the option, families should email the work back either by:

  • Taking a picture of the work or student performing the activity and emailing the teacher
  • Scan and email the paperwork
  • Other communication method provided by the teacher (some classes use Remind)

Additional Option—if the above methods are not possible

Staff members (not the teacher) will be calling parents to receive the information by phone at set up appointment times on Fridays

Important Note

Many of you are seeing "free" websites offered for students. Please be aware that there may be a cost of some sort attached--please read the fine print.

BRES and FCPS will not ask you to purchase any material in order for you to access your child's instruction.