Online privacy

By: Amira and Zoe

Fact #1

21% of people in a survey that had acutally stated they already had been victims of hacking in the past couple years due to online privacy

Fact #2

People estimated that in 2018 more than 9 billion U.S. dollars will be lost due to payment card fraud!

Fact #3

55% of the internet users have taken steps to avoid observation by specific people, organizations, or the government

Fact #4

11% of users online had important personal information stolen

Fact #5

6% have had there reputation damaged because of something that happend online

Fact #6

12% of the Internet users have been stalked or harassed online.

Fact #7

59% of Internet users do not believe it's possible to be completely anonymous online.

Fact #8

68% of people believe current laws are not good enough to protect people's privacy online

Fact #9

1% of Internet users have lost a job opportunity or educational opportunity because of something they posted online about them

Fact #10

6% of people have been a victim of an online scam and money lost