By: Carlos Medrano and Talia Quinteros


The times when these houses were built was between 1695 and 1840's. Since farmers started to reduce, people went to the city. The cities needed cheap homes. People needed houses fast so that they can live in the city near the industrial factories. The factories was where they would find jobs.

How it impacted Great Britain during the industrial Revolution

Some social impacts that happened was that houses were so close together that diseases could spread very easily. In the 1840's over 11,000 homes were built. 7,000 of them were back-to-back. A great social reformer known as Lord Shaftesbury went to one of the houses and went into a cellar where a family was living and found that they were near a sewage and it was leaking. It was a terrible living condition. One block would have at least forty houses and an average of nine people living in each house. There would only be six bathrooms for every block. Which means that's six bathrooms for 360 people and there were no running water for every house. The houses had to built quick so there was no time for them to have water. So when people try to bathe, they had to get the water in a big bucket filled with water from their local pump. They bathed there or would not bathe at all because it was easier.

Impacts on the world during the Industrial

A lot of people moved to the city because there was houses closer to their jobs and that was the only way they would make money. They moved to the city because they lost money from farming. Living conditions were still bad around the world because everything had to be built so fast that it didn't meet normal living conditions. They had room rented to pay rent. Only rich could afford to make their house better because they had the money. There was child labor so the children didn't have a good education. Even with all those people working in the house they couldn't afford better living conditions.

The modern counterpart

It is better now because there are rules to having a good house. When houses are built they have to meet certain standards as in have electricity and have good home. Also there are cleaning products and affordable services that help you keep your house in good conditions. Only reason why someone would have bad living conditions is if they choose not to have a good living condition or if they can't afford it.
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