India Weddings

What are Indian Weddings?

What do they do at the weddings?

The occasion is celebrated with food, music, dancing, and exchanging of gifts. Some weddings are very religious in nature. At the wedding, there are flowers, jewlery, traditional clothing, and other accessories.

What other ways do they celebrate the wedding?

Muslim weddings are finalized by a ceremony called, "Akad Nikah Ceremony" what they do is they say, "I accept" in Indain 3 times and have two people sign a contract confirming the marriage and the wedding is complete.

What happens in the wedding?

In Indian marriage, there are a lot of ceremonies. And in these ceremonies they exchange gifts, some give money or other gifts, and other weddings involve in many traditions. These ceremonies are very traditional and religious.

Who arranges the weddings?

When a young couple wishes to marry, they approach their parents, who arrange the marriage. Other people may help to, such as friends, other family and relatives. Parents have the option to see the other persons future and decide whether or not they can get married.