Piney woods

By: Josh Arnold


Some of the fun activities are biking,camping,fishing,hunting and wildlife viewing,

Lakes, bodies of water

Some of the lakes are, Jacksonville, livingston ,martin creek, and timpson

Historical background information about the region

Caddo indians lived in the northeastern area of the pineywoods. The caddo farmed, made pottery, and traded with other tribes. They built coneshaped huts.

State Parks

Some of the State parks are, livingston, huntsville, jacksonville and mount pleasant

National parks

These are some of the national parks, big bend national park, San Antonio missions national historical park,

Historical Places

Nacogdoches is the oldest cities in Texas which is in the piney Woods.

Sight seeing

There are many things to see like Pine trees, broad hardwood forests, Many towns, this are contains mixtures of beauty.