Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the place to make all your dreams come true!

Exquisite Food Right Here

Have your taste buds throw a party! Try a flavorful dish exclusively from Buenos Aires. One of the mouthwatering dishes the people of Buenos Aires are known for is steak. Your idea of a juicy, tender steak will be found at Buenos Aires! Another beloved dish is pasta. Which type or flavor? Only you know, the possibilities are endless! If you think you'll need to bring a lot of extra cash for all that food, think again! Most of the food items here are cheaper than anywhere else! And is you prefer a nice, quiet tea in the afternoon, you won't have to search far in his city. After all that eating you might want to walk off all those calories, see our Entertainment or Historical Sights section.

Big Sports Fans Look Here!!

Soccer, A Sport Loved Among Argentines

If you like soccer, almost everybody here in Argentina does too! Argentines are known worldwide for their soccer skills, they're even transferred to foreign teams they're so good. Buenos Aires is known for producing some of the best soccer players known to mankind. In fact, the most famous soccer stadium is located in Buenos Aires. And if you're not a fan of soccer that's ok, other popular sports include volleyball, rugby, basketball, and much, much more!! If you've had enough of sitting down and watching people play, head to our Arts or Historical Sights section.

The Dances Of Dances Heading Your Way!

Do you like the intense, dramatic tango? Learn about the tango and its history! The tango has irregular beats, which makes it hard to learn, but it adds personality to the dance. Tango is also unique because there are many types, and they all have influences from all parts of the world. If you wish to learn this exquisite dance, guitars, violins, and bandoneons (similar to a small accordion) will play songs for you. One interesting fact about the tango is it originated in Buenos Aires, and it had a different name, no longer known by many locals. And when you're done dancing, go to the Historical Sights section to keep learning about this interesting city

History In Buenos Aires Is Not Hard To Find!!

If you're interested in historical places, Buenos Aires has a lot in store for you! The oldest part of this divine city, Plaza de Mayo, is filled with pieces of Buenos Aires' history. This beloved landmark is found at the heart of this centuries-old city. One important building in Plaza de Mayo is Casa Rosado, which has been the offices of the president of Argentina for centuries. You can visit Plaza de Mayo in the city of Buenos Aires for yourself! This exciting sight is another example of what this city has to offer, continue reading for other information on the delightful city of Buenos Aires.
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Read On For Tips On What Clothes To Wear In Buenos Aires!

The weather here is mild, but since we are right on the ocean, a cool breeze is sure to welcome you to Buenos Aires! When you visit Buenos Aires you should keep in mind we are in the Southern Hemisphere, which means the seasons here are opposite than seasons in the Northern Hemisphere, so be sure to pack your clothes accordingly. You might also want to remember that Buenos Aires is a walk away from the ocean, a nice, cool breeze will greet you, which will drop the temperatures a little low. The typical weather here is mild, but extreme cold or hot winds may blow in quick as a flash. And as for precipitation, it is normally dry except for the rainy seasons during the summer. The weather is great, but expect the unexpected, and even if you're prepared for the weather, you might need to know which language is spoken there, continue reading to our Language section

Local Languages Found In Buenos Aires Are Right Here

The people of Buenos Aires mostly speak spanish, though some are bilingual. If you decide to visit Buenos Aires, ask for subscription for a foreign newspaper. You can find many newspapers in other languages than spanish. Even if you do know spanish, accents vary by region, so touch up on that spanish for smooth conversations. Listen up spanish speakers, people of Argentina may use vos as opposed to usted or tu, so watch out for that little twist. And if you are not fluent in spanish, and instead you speak italian, german, english, or french, seek conversations with elderly people, who tend to speak other languages than younger generations. Touch up on your spanish, or know who to seek in situations, and fly over to Buenos Aires today!