The Messenger of All the Gods/Goddesses

What Joey Skidmore Thinks

In Joel Skidmore’s, Hermes is the most significant figure in Greek Mythology that symbolizes an image that is responsible and dependable.

The Few Things Hermes Did

If it was not for Hermes, there would be chaos. He was the messenger of the gods and the guide of dead souls to the Underworld. His jobs was to make sure the dead soul got the Underworld. He got the title of messenger was because of his staff that he carried with entwined snakes around it that was kind of like a magic wand. Hermes was also known for helping out some of the other gods for their quests. He have Perseus shoes with wings in the heels so he’d have the ability to fly.

What he Did to Help

For example, Hermes was a prankster and an inventive genius from birth, he even help Odysseus and Perseus with their quests.

His Knowledge From Birth

In the author says, “On his very first day of life, he found the empty shell of a tortoise and perceived its utility as a sounding chamber. Stringing sinews across it, he created the first lyre” (Skidmore).


This shows that Hermes is dependable and responsible when it comes to the Gods and Goddesses and their deeds that they gave to him. He was given Messenger of the Gods title for a reason.