Living and learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout the year, we are telling the stories of staff, students, and families through a video series as they navigate education in this COVID-19 world. We know that the collective D230 Proud story is comprised of their individual stories.

We also know that navigating education at this time is a unique experience for each of us. By sharing these stories it is our hope to build empathy by connecting to the challenges and triumphs each of us faces. We will gain a better understanding of our collective experience.

This is a shared journey. We must respect that each of us comes to this journey in our unique way and we also must respect where others are along the way. It’s important for us to hear these stories today and it will be important for those who follow us here in District 230 to be able to reflect upon this time in our history.

Hybrid Learning at Sandburg
Stagg Impact Day Equity 2021
Orchestrating a Stretch
Thank you D230 staff!!!
Stagg HS PPS Outreach
Spreading Cheer
Sandburg Marching Band
Stagg and Andrew Marching Band
State Rep Kelly Burke Visits Stagg High School
Running Close to Home
Stagg Start with Hello - Sandy Hook Promise
Bachelors Grove History Lesson
Trying new things in trying times
Bachelors Grove History Lesson
Stagg Start with Hello - Sandy Hook Promise
District Connection 100220
Communicating the Struggle
The Psychology of Teaching
Meditating a Song
Sandburg Distribution Day 2020
Stagg Sign Delivery
Andrew Distribution Day 1 1
Sandburg Influencers
Building a classroom community, even from afar