Scalar quantity that refers to how fast an object is moving

Speed = (Total distance)/(Total time)

Speed can be thought of as the rate at which an object An covers distance. An object that isn't moving, or at rest, has 0 speed. The SI units for speed are m / s (meters per second).


1. Mrs. Johnson traveled 120 miles in a duration of 2 hours to go to her local county fair. Mrs. Southard travels 180 miles in about 4 hours. Who has the greatest speed?

2. True or false.

An object at rest has a speed of 0.

3. Steve traveled a distance of 12km in 8 minutes, 15 km in 9 minutes, and finally walks 11 km/15 minutes. What is steve's total speed?

4. Courtnee travels at a rate of 45 mph in 2 hours, how far does she go?

1. Mrs. Southard, 2. True. 3. 3.89 4. 90 miles.