Humanities Update

Week Beginning Monday 18th November


Once again thank you for all of your efforts in the past week. It has again been a busy week with the Post 16 Transfer Evening, year 11 reports being completed and the Geography department taking Post 16 students out on a field trip.

This week sees the Year 11 reports being checked and Year Team Meetings and Best Practice CPD taking place. I hope everyone has a good week as we gear up for Year 7 Parents Evening on the 25th November and the start of the Year 10 monitoring process.

If there are any problems with anything or if you need any help then please let me know.

Have a good week!


Got 5 Minutes?

I came across this resource the other day and thought it might be worth printing out and putting into my planner. It's a quick guide to 5 minute activities that can be completed at the end of a lesson if you find yourself finishing a few minutes early.

Takeaway Differentiated Homework

Another idea that I have come across this week is takeaway homework and it wouldn't take that much work to change our independent homework tasks to look like this. Students are basically presented with a takeaway menu of homework, which is differentiated by the 'hotness' of the tasks. This could be for a unit of work, as revision activities in the build up to the mocks / GCSEs or a normal homework task. I'm going to adapt some of the RS homeworks for the next units of work into this format and can pass on the template if you would like it.

GCSE Literacy and SPAG

I have ordered each department a CPG SPAG guidebook which contains ideas about how to deliver / teach SPAG in our lessons including getting students to rewrite answers using correct spelling, punctuation etc. I think it's important to remember that the exam boards now have a good idea of how SPAG should be implemented within the mark schemes and from looking at the GCSE RS marks, gaining top marks in SPAG pushed some of our students into the A* rather that A boundary. Alongside the SPAG guides, which should be with you very shortly, there are also some activities that we can use in our lessons as starters / plenaries etc and I quite like the look of this scrabble one.

Year 10 Review

Finally, the Year 10 Review begins in earnest next week. Thank you to everyone who got back to me about which lessons they would like to be observed. I have now put together the timetable and forwarded it onto John and Sean so that SLT can be added to the list of observers. Once everything has been confirmed I will resend the timetable out to you.

I can confirm that the data scrutiny will take place next week (Monday 25th - Friday 29th November) and the work scrutiny from Monday 2nd - Friday 6th December, so please can you have your exercise books / folders ready for me to have a look through then. I am hoping that the new version of the Year 10 targets will be ready very soon so we have a more realistic idea of how students are performing against their targets - although we are looking very positive at the moment so well done everyone!