ESS Spring Update

Know the way, go they way, and show the way, Maxwell.

Leading through PLT's

In the world of SBAC, we are undertaking many initiatives to ensure a successful testing experience for our students. How are we including all staff in the process during this time of change? One way is through the use of Professional Learning Teams (PLT’s). Leaders create teams whose purpose is to disseminate, exchange, implement, and evaluate information and actions. These teams are most effective and highest functioning when built with these six characteristics:

1. A focus on learning

2. A collaborative culture

3. Collective inquiry into best practice and current reality

4. Action orientation: learning by doing

5. A commitment to continuous improvement

6. Results orientation (Dufour et al., 2010)

When developing and working with teams, keep these characteristics in mind. Our next newsletter will focus on active processing of the characteristics through data gathering and sharing.

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