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September 8th, 2020


We have made it through 4 weeks of school! At this point in the semester, we will begin to review student grades. There is an 'Eligibility Section' below. The last thing we want to happen is a student to lose there ability to play, but we strongly believe in student-athletes!

There is not a ton of new information, but this week's newsletter does include some recaps from last year. I've also added a section to access past newsletters! If you attend an away event, think about snapping a few photos and emailing them to Mr. Leach, so we can recognize our athletes all over the place.

If you have any questions about anything 'TMS athletics', please email Mr. Leach ( or Mrs. Whitesell (

We ask that you remain patient with us as things can change quickly. Our goal is to provide as many athletic opportunities as possible while also keeping athletes, coaches, and fans safe!

Thank you,

Mr. Leach



As we get closer to the halfway point of the first grading period, it is vital that students are checking their current grades. Starting next week, we will begin looking for students that have multiple failing grades. If students are failing more than one class, they will have a meeting with Mr. Leach to discuss a plan and set an appointment for 2 weeks later to review.

I always explain to student they are students first, and as athletes they are held to a higher standard. Parents: Please check with your athlete, and review their grades in Harmony. (Despite what they may tell you, they do know how to access those.)

Below are the Eligibility Requirements as outlined in the TMS Athletic Handbook:

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Spectator Guidelines - Repeat

As our home events start, we are following guidance from the CDC and state board of health in regards to spectators. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure we stop the spread of COVID-19; which will help ensure that we can keep our athletes in our gyms and on our fields without interruption.

Please do your part:

- Wear a mask when not eating;

- Observe Social distancing of at least 6ft when waiting for concessions or seated in the bleachers

- Wash hands frequently



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September 2, 2020 vs. Elwood/Sheridan

Elwood was only able to send one team this season, which meant the Blue Devils were going to have to play a combined 7th/8th grade game. In order to pick up a second game, we reached out to local school and the Sheridan Blackhawks were willing to send their 8th grade team to Tipton. So, on this night Tipton hosted both the Elwood Panthers and the Sheridan Blackhawks.

7th Grade Results

The 7th grade team faced off with Elwood's combined 7th/8th grade team. The game went through three and a half quarters with no score as the defenses for each team forced multiple turnover on downs and fumbles. Nathan Hawkins and William Wolford wrecked havoc on the Panther offense, stopping them for a loss on a regular basis. Middle Linebacker, Izayah Mahaney also added to the defensive show with a touchdown-saving forced fumble.

The game took a turn with 3 minutes remaining, as quarterback Izayah Mahaney scrambled from a broken play, broke several tackles and sprinted for the touchdown. When the Panthers took over, Mahaney again came up huge with a defensive score. Final Score: 12-0, Devils.

8th Grade Results

The 8th grade team welcomed the Sheridan Blackhawks to Tipton for the second game of the evening. The game started slow, with both defenses controlling the game. However, the Blue Devils were able to ignite their running game which included solid plays from Cole Hussey, Calvin Condict, and quarterback Landon Spidel.

On the defensive side, every time the Blackhawks would get some momentum the Blue Devils would make a big play. Possibly the highlight on defense was a great diving interception by corner Jacob Smith.

When the final horn sounded, it was all Tipton 20-0 over the Blackhawks.

Pre-Practice Self Health Screen - Football

Athletes must complete before any practice or event.


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August 27th, 2020 @ Frankfort Recap

The TMS cross country team kicked off their season on Thursday, August 27 when they traveled to Frankfort Middle School for their first meet. Both the girls and boys teams ran a very impressive race.

Lucy Lightfoot came in 1st in the girl’s race with a time of 14:52. Aaron Smith, Darci Dunn, Kaydence Smith and Ava Higginbotham finished in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th respectively.

In the boy’s race, Noah Walker was the first Tipton runner to cross the line with a time of 12:27 for a 2nd place finish. Drew Leeson and Peyton Auler finished in 3rd and 4th place. Kyden Halton came across the finish line in 8th place.

From Coach Parton:

“I am very proud of both the girls and boys teams. After 1 and ½ weeks of practice (less for some) they ran very well.”

Week of September 1, 2020 Recap

September 3rd, 2020: @ Eatern (Conditioner)

The TMS cross country team traveled to Eastern for their conditioner. There were 10 middle school teams with 35 pairs of runners for the boys’ race and 32 pairs of runners for the girls’ race. Noah Walker and Peyton Auler were the first Tipton team to finish and placed 21st with a total time of 20:46. Drew Leeson and Kyden Halton finished 33rd with a total time of 24:57.

In the girls’ race the top Tipton team was Lilly Boyer and Lucy Lightfoot who finished 23rd with a total time of 24:15. Aaron Smith and Kaydence Smith finished 30th in 30:13. In 32nd place was Darci Dunn and Ava Higginbotham with a total time of 32:17.

September 4th, 2020: vs. Noblesville East

The TMS cross country team had their first home meet on Thursday against Noblesville Middle School. The Tipton girls were led by Lilly Boyer who finished in 13th place with a time of 17:02. Lucy Lightfoot was right behind her with a 14th place finish at 17:37. Kaydence Smith, Darci Dunn and Aaron Smith finished 17th, 18th and 19th. Rounding out the TMS girls’ team was Ava Higginbotham with a 21st place finish. Noah Walker led the Tipton boys with a finish time of 14:05 which put him in 18th place. Peyton Auler and Drew Leeson finished in 24th and 25th place. Crossing the line in 31st place was Kyden Halton.

“The TMS cross country team worked hard this week. The back to back meets didn’t allow for any recovery and may have contributed to muscle soreness and cramps for some of our athletes which affected their performance. Overall the team is doing really well. They are showing improvements in endurance and finish times with each meet.” –Coach Amanda

The Cross Country team is back in action this week on Wednesday @Hamilton Heights with a 4:30 start; and on Saturday at the Maconaquah Invite starting at 9am.

Pre-Practice Self Health Screen - Cross Country

Athletes should complete the pre-screen before any practice or event.


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7th/8th Grade Girls Volleyball

Girls Volleyball is open to all 7th and 8th grade girls attending Tipton Middle School.


This year we will have a combined team that includes an "Blue Team" and "White Team" made of a combination of 7th/8th grade athletes.

Events Next Week: September 3rd @Tri-Central (6:00 start time)

September 3rd, 2020 @Tri-Central

Blue Team Recap:

TMS Blue Volleyball dominated Tri-Central in two sets. Outstanding play by all. Serves were impossible to return. "I can't explain how fun it is to watch these girls play. They play as a team, energize each other, and never stop moving."- Coach Crawford

White Team Recap:

The White team played well, and captured the first set. However, Tri-Central bounced back and won the final two sets to hand the Blue Devils the loss.

The Blue Devils are back in action this week on Thursday @Sheridan with the White Team starting at 5:30pm.

Pre-Practice Self Health Screen - Volleyball

All athletes should complete before any practice or event.


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Sideline Cheer

Cheerleading is open to Tipton Middle School students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

Questions? Please contact Coach Clifford (

Pre-Practice Self Health Screen - Cheerleading

All athletes should complete before any practice or event.

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