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MLK - "I Am King"

Week At A Glance

The "assignment" for the year is for every student to show growth.

October - Anti - Bullying Month

What is bullying?

School Bullying - refers to one or more perpetrators who have greater physical or social power than their victim and act aggressively toward their victim by verbal or physical means.

We will have several activities this month focusing on anti-bullying. Please discuss this topic with your students every day, but especially during the month of October.

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Weekly Reminders

Please review this week's reminders below:

  • Too many 8th graders are not following the cell phone policy. Teachers, please hold your students accountable. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your grade level administrative, only after you have exhausted all options.
  • Elective teachers need to walk the 6th graders to the bottom of the steps and a 6th-grade team member should be there to receive the students
  • Jeans, t-shirts, crocks, slides, and other casual wear should be worn on Fridays or other specialty days. Jeans with holes in them, hats, headbands, and headphones should not be worn at all by the staff, at the school. If you wear leggings, you need to wear a top that covers your buttocks.
  • The cell phone policy is not an option and needs to be followed and enforced by everyone, including administrators, teachers, non - instructional staff, and students.
  • Establish a daily routine in your classroom.
  • Practice the Teach Like a Champion techniques SLANT, Culture of Error, and 100%, for the first 1st semester of school.
  • Review voice levels and expectations for them in the classroom, hallways, and assemblies
  • The instructional focuses for the semester are SLO and checking for understanding.

National Custodian Appreciation Day - October 3, 2022

Show our custodians how much we appreciate them!

Some suggestions are below:

  • gift card to their favorite restaurant
  • snack bags
  • lunch
  • breakfast
  • cards of appreciation
  • fruit baskets
  • Smoothies

Instructional and Behavior Focus/Goals for 1st Semester

Instructional Focus:
  • SLO - All teachers will review the SLO at the beginning, middle, and end of class.
  • Checking for Understanding -Teachers will check for individual and whole class understanding, during each class period.

Behavior Focus: Teach Like a Champion 3.0 Book (resource)

  • SLANT - Teachers will implement SLANT during each class period.
  • Culture of Error - Students feel comfortable making and discussing mistakes.
  • 100% - Teachers will require 100% participation from all students, using a variety of techniques.

October 3 -7 2022

What's Happening This Week

Monday, October 3, 2022

  • National Custodian Appreciation Day
  • Admin Meeting - 2:00 pm (conference room)
  • Impact Content Grade Level Meeting
  • Next -up after-school program starts today
  • Virtual Attendance Meeting -1:30 - 2:30 pm
  • LIEP PLC for Principals
  • Staff and students wear Blue and White - To Kick -off Anti-bullying Month

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

  • Anti-bullying Art Contest - Submit all drawings to Ms. Dabney - drawings due Thursday, October 6, 2022.
  • Admin Walk-throughs 2:00 pm
  • Content Impact Grade Level Meetings
  • Tuesday's Book Club - students will meet in the library during their lunch periods - with Ms. Byrd
  • Interim are due
  • Cluster 3 Check-in - 1:45 - 2:30 pm - Ms. Dabney
  • SIG Application Work Session - Ms. Dabney and Ms. Couther -1:30 -2:30 pm

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

  • Ms. Dabney's Birthday!
  • No School

Thursday, October 6, 2022

  • Anti-bullying Essay Contest - Submit all essays to Ms. K. Mullens and Ms. K. Johnson - due date Thursday, October 6, 2022
  • Attendance Meeting - 12:00 pm - Mr. Murray
  • Academic Review Training - War Memorial 8:00 -12:00 pm Ms. Dabney and Ms. K. Johnson
  • Walk-through w/ Literacy and math coaches - 9:00 am
  • Chess Club - Students will meet Ms. Byrd in the library, during the lunch period
  • Art 180 Residency Program - 11:30 - 1:30 pm

Friday, October 7, 2022

  • Young Kings in Action Tailgate Party - During lunch periods - Mr. Shepsu
  • Anti-bullying Activities in each grade level hallway - 7th period - with approval from AP.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

  • VUU Homecoming
  • VSU Homecoming

Fire Drills

Preparation for a fire Drill:

  • Emergency folder with class roasters
  • Emergency packet with red and green cards ( will be distributed to teachers before Wednesday)
  • Review with students the expectations for leaving and returning during a fire drill.
  • Practice walking with your students on your designated route, during a fire drill.

If you have any questions, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Unfinished Learning

The impact of COVID on students has been significant, especially students of color and low-income.

Students of color and low-income students suffered the most. Students in the majority -Black schools ended the school year six months behind in both math and reading, while students in majority -white schools ended up just four months behind in math and three months behind in reading.

Students didn't just lose academic learning during the pandemic. Some lost family members: others had caregivers who lost their jobs and sources of income: and almost all experienced some form of social isolation. This increased a worldwide concern for students' mental health. and an increase in chronic absenteeism

The cumulative effects of the pandemic could have a long-term impact on an entire generation of students. Education achievement and attainment are linked not only to higher earnings, but also to better health, and reduced incarceration rates. and greater political participation. Without immediate and sustained interventions, pandemic-related unfinished learning in itself will become a pandemic with disastrous effects on our young people.

As educators, we need to recommit and reimagine our education systems for the long -term, in order to reduce the impact of COVID on unfinished learning.

Remember your "why" for becoming a teacher...

Educational Professionalism

What is educational professionalism?

Respect and courtesy have been cited as key components of educational professionalism. A professional respects all others, even when that respect is not returned. As role models for appropriate behavior, educators always must show respect to colleagues, parents, and students.

As a teacher, you play a critical role in helping young people achieve success in the classroom. A professional demeanor shows you take your responsibilities seriously. Failing to act professionally sets a bad example and may cause you to lose the trust and respect of students.

Some characteristics of educational professionalism:

  1. Arrive to work on time or early.
  2. Dress respectfully and neat -A teacher's appearance plays a role in conveying professionalism.
  3. Ability to develop trusting and productive relationships with students...
  4. Productive and positive interaction with colleagues...
  5. Blame no one...
  6. Growth Mindset...
  7. Patient, caring, kind..
  8. Knowledge of learners...
  9. Compliment others..
  10. Ask for help...
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No Cell Phones

Student cell phones shouldn't be heard or seen in building. They should not have them out at all. Moving forward we will start implementing the following responses to inappropriate cell phone usage:

  • 1st infraction - Verbal warning (ask the student to put the phone away0
  • 2nd infraction - Teacher Conference
  • 3rd infraction - Contact parent/Caregiver
  • 4th infraction - Meet with Admin or Grade Level Chair
  • 4th infraction - Parent Conference Letter - student must return to school with a parent/caregiver
  • 5th infraction - Request that student leave their cell phone at home

Teach Like A Champion Techniques

First Semester: August 29, 2022 - January 27, 2023

Technique - SLANT

  • To maximize students' ability to pay attention, use an acronym to teach students key baseline behavior for learning. like SLANT (Sit up, Listen, Ask, and answer, nod your head, and track the speaker).

Technique - Culture of Error

  • An environment where students feel safe making and discussing mistakes, so you can spend less time hunting for errors and more time fixing them

Technique - 100%

  • One hundred percent of your students follow a given direction in your classroom.

Impact Meeting Protocols

  • Department and grade level chairs should send the agenda for all meetings the day before the actual meeting.
  • Attendance must be taken at all meetings, including virtual meetings.
  • Minutes for all meetings should be posted in the google folder for the specific department or grade level, within 48 hours after the meeting.

School Improvement Plan

SOL Pass Rate Goals: School Year 2022-2023

Writing - 50%

English - 50%

Math - 50%

Science - 50%

Civics - 50%

Current Pass Rate

Writing -12%

English -39%

Math - 39%

Science - 10%

Civics -?

The instructional focus is the tier I instruction for maximum growth for all students

The Academic improvement plan will be shared with the staff, during the first faculty meeting.

Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to Ms. Jasmine Williams for being the September Teacher of the Month!

Congratulations to Ms. Nicole Grant for being the SPED Teacher of the Month!

Quote of the Week

"I am the hero of my own life".
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School - Ms. Inett Dabney, Principal

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