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Chapecó is a city in Santa Catarina State - Brazil, with about 200.000 inhabitants. Known as the "City of Roses", a nickname given through its many natural beauties, Chapecó is the largest city in western Santa Catarina. Its pleasant climate in summer and the winter cold brings to the city tourists from all around the world.
Chapecó is close to Paraguay and Argentina.

You'll have a warm welcome, as people in Brazil are lovely and receptive.

What to eat in Chapecó?

The Chapecó food has many influences, Italian, German and Polish. And of course the taste of mixture from all over Brazil who easily found in restaurants in town.


Benefits and requirements

The projects will take place during 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

What is provided?

Host family

Warm welcome and assistance during the project

Portuguese and dance classes

Youth responsibilities?

TR Fee 40 dalares

Help AIESEC Chapecó in a global village