Charlestown School Updates

For members of our learning community - May 20th, 2016

Filling sails with knowledge and character for a successful life voyage

Only 4 more weeks of school!

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Amazing Actions

Yesterday, a fourth grader began choking during lunch. He used the signal and one of his friends alerted Mrs. Renner that he was choking. Mrs. Renner used the Heimlich Maneuver to aid a fourth grader who was choking. We commend Mrs. Renner for her quick reaction in addressing this medical issue. We also commend Mrs. Cook for calling immediately for more assistance. Kudos and complements as well to River Spears who called to Mrs. Renner for help after his friend was choking at his lunch table.

After the student was helped by Mrs. Coulson, we had an immediate discussion with all fourth graders regarding how and why people choke and how to assist them. Some students demonstrated the Heimlich and Mrs. Renner demonstrated how one can use a chair if they are alone when they are choking. This was a teachable movement for all! Today, the fourth graders were still recalling what happened yesterday. They were also eating more slowly and were more focussed on their eating. We encourage you to talk with your child about choking and to remind them of the sign for choking in case they need help.

Today, we received a call from Channel 10 news as they were aware of some heroism at our school. I encourage you to watch the story tonight at 6:00 on NBC 10.

Book Buddies from 2-Truppi and K-Iredale

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Crystal Apple Award Committee Meeting - Monday at 3:30

Thank you for all of the written nominations for the Horace Mann Crystal Apple Award. A committee of parents who have 4th graders only will be meeting on Monday, 5/23 at 3:30 to review the nominations. Please contact me if you are interested in participating on Monday.

5K Walk/Run at Ninigret Park - Saturday, May 28th

Dr. Moffitt and members of the PTO are holding the annual 5K walk/run on Saturday, May 28th. This a wonderful family fitness event.

Kindergarten Registation

If you still need to register your child, please call Norma or Carrie at 364-7716.

Please forward this to friends who have an incoming K student.


Please apply sunscreen at home before school. If you would like us to re-apply sunscreen during school hours, please send it written permission along with the sunscreen. Given the varying temperatures, we also recommend dressing your child in layers and sending them with a hat.

Outdoor Classroom Space

The PTO was granted permission to proceed with their plans for outdoor teaching spaces. Thank you to Karen Bellnier for chairing this committee. The space has been leveled and new fencing will be installed soon.

Photos needed for 4th Grade Slideshow

If you have have taken photos of our current fourth graders since they started Kindergarten here, please send them to me. I can forward them to the parent who is creating a slide show for Moving Up Day. Thanks for your help.

School Calendar for 2016-2017

School will begin on Monday, August 29th, so we will have a full week of school before Labor Day. There will be traditional school vacation weeks in February and April.

Our school is LATEX and MINT FREE due to allergies!

Please do not bring the following items into our school due to serious allergies:

Latex balloons, rubber balls, any products containing natural rubber, mint gum/candy

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Remaining Field Trips

  • Kindergarten - Kettle Pond on June 2nd
  • 4th Grade - CMS on May 27th
  • 4th Grade - River Bend Mining on June 8th
  • 4th Grade - Slater Mill on June 13th
  • 4th Grade - Ninigret Picnic on June 14th

Note: Due to very limited scheduling days at the State House, we are not able to schedule a trip to the State House this year. We know that students will enjoy the trip that has been scheduled at River Bend Mining as this will be a wonderful hands-on day that connects with current learning in science.

Upcoming Events:

Mon. May 30th - Memorial Day - No School

Fri,, June 3rd - Field Day

Due to the March snow day, Our last day of school is now Friday, June 17th.

The 4th Grade Moving Up Ceremony will be held at 9:30 am on Thursday, June 16th. Parents and siblings of 4th graders will be invited to attend this event. There will be limited seating due to a large fourth grade class. Please not mint candies, gum or latex balloons!

To view the school calendar: