The Final Bright Lights

It has been a labor of love and an honor to serve YOU all!

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Two of my gifts of retirement

Spending more time with these two shining stars will be a joyful part of my retirement. This is last year at the 4th of July festivities. They have grown a bit, and have gotten even more cute.
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A gift I am taking with me

The joy of our music program is beyond any words I can write. Our concerts filled the gyms with great tunes and voices of our children. Andy's leadership in bringing the best out of the students is remarkable and I will always have the sights and sounds of our concerts in my heart.

There are so many memories and here a just a few that will give you a glimpse into 23 years

Over the course of the years we have had some changes. . .

A newly designed and renovated library, new playground equipment (with cool turf), computers became laptops instead of desktops, complete renovation of the gym, math, reading and writing curriculum changed, we moved from DIBELS assessment to MAPs, since 1996 over 50 new staff members have been in the Primary School, Maker Space becomes the hot class to attend, and Celebration Day is the most anticipated event of the year. Still, the kids never changed, they have always been the best!

This final chapter of the Bright Lights came all too fast

Thank you all for the connections, friendships, sharing your children with me, the fun, the joy of lost teeth, kid hugs, playing kickball, listening to reading, reading their stories, reading to them, and chances to learn from them everyday. Merton is one incredibly special place for families and their children. I was blessed to be hired in 1996 and this has been a beautiful ride!

Michael J. Budisch

Lived the Dream here at Merton Primary! Eternally grateful to families, community, and staff.