Brian's Winter

By: Cade Youngs


I think that Brian's Winter is realistic fiction because someone could be stranded in

the wilderness . It is also this because Brian's Winter has made up characters .

Personal Connection

My personal connection to Brian's Winter is when Brian prays to God before he eats

Thanksgiving . This connects to me because I pray to God before Thanksgiving at



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Character Traits

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1. Haunch- hind quarters

2. Butane- either of two flammable gasses that are hydro-carbons obtained usually from oil or natural gas.

3. Arrowheads - a cone shaped object at an angle of 100 degrees .

Nonfiction Research

How to make an Arrowhead:

An arrowhead is made out of stone. You break open a parent material to the core. Striking off of the core and then shaping.

The process of making Arrowheads:

Safety and ethotics, choosing the proper materials, percussion flaking, pressure flaking and notching.

Percussion Flaking:

Striking your material into a cone shape, roughly at 100 degrees.

Pressure Flaking:

You use an antler to pop off a long, thin flake. You also use a significant amount of force.

Plot Moutian

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Brian a 13 year old boy who is stranded in the Canadian wilderness. He wanted to be rescued before winter came . But he was forested with the challenge of surviving the harsh winter. So Brian made items to help him survive. Then he gets rescued in a supplies.

Gary Paulsen Style comparason

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Gary Paulsen Style comparason

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Gary Paulsen as an author

In my response I will explain to the reader who Gary Paulsen is. I think that Gary Paulsen is an out standing author. I think Gary Paulsen 's voice is survival with teenagers . Also he writes realistic fiction .He also writes in third person for example , he says Brian shot the moose not I shot the moose.