There is convergent boundary is where two or more tectonic plates of the Lithosphere move towards each other and they collide. Divergent boundary is where two plates move past each other. Transform boundary is where two tectonic plates are sliding past each other in side ways motion.

Awesome erosion


The three main types of erosion is wind, water, and ice. Erosion is the process of eroding or being eroded by Water, Wind, or Ice. Erosion is the act in which the Earth is worn away. Another similar process is weathering, that breaks down rocks, weakening it or turning it into tiny fragments.


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Amazing Fossils


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The rock cycle

The rock cycle is a continuous process by which rocks are created, changed from one form to another, destroyed, and then formed again. The rock cycle goes through many changes like how metamorphic rocks change into sediments by weathering and erosion. Or how Sedimentary rock is changed into Metamorphic rock by heat heat and pressure. All of this in the picture above is what the rocks go through during the rock cycle.

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So how are minerals identify? and what are the two ways that minerals form?

The two ways that minerals form is as hot magma cools inside the crust, or as lava hardens on the surface of the Earth.

The way how you identify minerals is by knowing that each mineral has it`s has characteristic properties that can be used to identify it.

What I liked about this project

The thing I most enjoyed about this project is that we got to use our books for this, we got to explain the rock cycle in our own words, we got make our own designs, but the most important thing is that now I have learned more about minerals, how they are formed, and, how you identify them.