Knowledge about media

Media Literacy

Saim Farid

Mrs. Danley

12 CP Lang Arts

7 January 2016

What is media literacy? This can be taken in two different ways, one is to be literate enough to write media reports and articles or to be able to convey news to the audience and the second is to have knowledge conveyed by the media to the audience and readers.

The media literate who convey the news to audience are considered media literate after several years of hard work. They have to study for to get to the position where they are capable enough to accomplish this task. Thus they not only have to be well aware of the current events but also have to convey it to the people.

The second type of media literate are the people who are well aware of the knowledge of the current events as presented to them by the newspaper or the television. These people may also include those who have knowledge as to how the department of media works but are not a part of it. Media literacy plays an important role in one’s life as it does not only help acknowledge a future difficulty but also help one prepare for it. For example, the media informs the people of the future climate change as reported by the weather department, to prepare the people for the harsh weather.

Social Media to counter terrorism

Social media is much stronger then the weapons of mass destruction. Terrorism is on the rise because of the people who use religion as a tool to cause destruction. However, people have come up with a full scale cyber war to counter this. This started from a hacker and spread. I would pledge to play a part in this movement. I have ignored activities on social media that i found suspicious, but instead of reporting i moved on, thus I would try my best to report any such thing the next time. Thus I would be able to play a part in this movement.

Superbowl Commercial Analysis Smore #3

Doritos, one of the most leading brands amongst snacks, presented a hilarious commercial during the super bowl game. Like most of the recent commercials they too presented men as careless and worst then women. In this advertisement a men was carelessly eating Doritos while his wife was having the ultrasound test. The child wanted to have the snack too which added a moment of comedy in the advertisement. The commercial used the gender difference to promote their product, which is supposed to be the point of consideration.
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S'more #4- How does Gender in Advertising affect society?

It has been seen that television has a great effect on society, thus it is able to dominate the way of thinking of a human. Unlike advertisements in the past, the modern advertisements present women better then man and has thus provided women with a dominating role in the society too. The commercials also present men as careless and unable to perform tasks requiring intelligence, however this may not effect to all men but it has created such a mindset amongst people. Thus the advertisements have the power to dominate society and they easily do so by using the gender difference.
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Smore #5- Media Manipulation

Media has a very strong power, it is the power of manipulation. Using this they can change and create stereotypes that may have a great effect in our lives. Media controls and alters our mindsets using gender differences as it is a very effective and easy way of manipulation. Media has played a great role in manipulating the old mindsets about women and have earned equal rights and importance for women over a period of time. Some commercials today use the gender difference to their benefits as they know that women have a very dominating role in modern society and are thus able to manipulate their thoughts.
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S'more # 6 - Should Apple Fix?

Apple recently received an order from the federal court to help FBI unlock an IPhone, owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters. However Apple disputes that if they follow this order they would risk the security of the users and their data. Apple is correct in their statement as this step could be a risk for the users and would make breaching security into ones phone easy, however there can be alternatives to make a back door for law enforcement agencies and if both the law enforcement agencies and Apple try they can come up with a better alternative. It is important for FBI to be able to hack into the phone of the shooter as this lead may help them to the people planning and executing terrorist attacks , however if Apple gives them access to IPhone the hackers would more readily be able to cause damage to the society by easily hacking into ones phone.
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S'more # 7 - perception of 1984

Or wells 1984 gave a first perception of a novel about a very dominating or strict government. It seemed to be a novel about so called little brother and would explain insights of the government spies. It would define importance of privacy in life
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S'more #8- Get it Straight- Politifact


"GDP was zero essentially for the last two quarters."

— PolitiFact National

That is not true. He said this in one of his campaigns just to give hope to people that he will be the best leader. Trump may have had tried to convey that the GDP was not good but he phrased it wrongly.

Essentially other candidates too try to promote their campaigns but using false thoughts is not good.


"Gun violence is by far the leading cause of death for young African American men, outstripping the next nine causes of death combined."

It is true and gun control should be imposed to a limit as yet there is discrimination in the United States


"The Walton family of Walmart ... This one family owns more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of the American people."

It is true that if opportunity to improve is provided the people can all make a good living and it will not just be left for a few ( not referring to communism, just better opportunity)


Foreign aid "is less than 1 percent of our federal budget."

S'more #9- Ain't Rebellion Fine

Rebellion is caused by the uprising of the people to a common goal which usually is tyranny or injustice. rebellion is when there is a required change in something or society. It is usually achieved by a sort of protest. People are inspired to act to it when they have a reason to achieve their goal. I believe that rebellion is healthy for any growing society. There are many things that we do not agree with, whether it is the law or our parent’s instructions. Often, people are inclined to believe that rebellion is an attempt to revolutionize the customs and lifestyles that are familiar and safe. However, they are ignorant to the importance of variety in society. Rebellion is one result of the battle between individuality and cultural expectations.

Smore # 11 - Is Technology sent from heaven?

According to Orwell Science and technology had been developing before the conditions changed. People search for new and better things only when they have freedom to do so. According to him the conditions almost made it impossible to develop. According to him people need a motivation and freedom to do new thing and that is how one can progress.

Thus Orwell says that with time it will come back to normal.

S'More #12- Happiness vs Freedom

Happiness and freedom are two things that are often related with each other. Without freedom one can not be happy. Happiness is pretty much the result of life circumstances and situation. Everything ultimately feeds into happiness or unhappiness. Freedom is one of those circumstances, along with things like health and love.

Happiness is conditional, freedom is natural and you opt not to learn how to be free, it is a given right.

S'more #13 - Gaslighting

What is gaslighting? How has it gotten to be so popular and easy for people in power to gaslight the American public? Besides Trump, do you see any other examples of this in politics today? (Research if you need to) What is the one way that we can combat this and hold people responsible for the things that they say?

Gaslighting is to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

The gaslighter wants to appear superior to the one being gaslighted. By making their victim feel completely helpless with very low self-esteem, the abuser has complete domination over them, so they are very successful in manipulating their victim to get whatever it is they want. This can range from simply having their ego stroked by feeling like they are significantly better than the person they are with, and at the extreme end to being able to gain financial, sexual or material benefits as their victim feels too emotionally and mentally weak to fight back.

S'more #7- 1984: Agree or Disagree?

There are two option, either you agree or you disagree. If you agree, your thoughts coincide with something or someone. However if you disagree your thoughts appose something or someone. The lifestyle presented in 1984 is something mostly everyone would want to refrain from as no one likes giving up their freedom and thus it is something everyone would disagree with. There are several quotes in 1984 like war is peace which is something that no one would want.

S'more #10 - Government Wins Again

In every society the dominating force is successfull. However if the dominating force is the government itself things becomr severe. Such a government is referred to as a totalatarian government. This is a condition when conditions are too strict to survive and are caused by the government. In such condition government is suppossed to win every time.

S'more # 14

Technology plays an important part in our lives. However if no limits are set in its usage, it can work to ones disadvantage.Social media is a very good example of this. New technology is introduced everyday and with it comes a new reform amongst people. Everyone gets so involved with using technology that they become disconnected with the world and the people around them. If this continues, the result would be drastic and everyone will be like slaves to technology, thus we must stop this from becoming a reality. We can do this by maintaining a limit to its usage and use the remaining time with nature or friends and family. Infact, people are already becoming slaves to technology as they are addicted to it and one important aspect of it causing addiction is social media. Social media has made it easy to communicate with others but it has also made it very easy to miscommunicate. Everything comes with benefits and disadvantages and thus must be used with limits to refrain from its negative effects. This can be overcomed by not letting technology make a major change in your healthy lifestyle and make it adjust for you.

S'more # 14 - Part 2

From the first S'more my writing style and ideas have changed drastically. I have learnt to express a lot in very few words and thus the length of my S'mores have also decreased. I got a lot of knowledge about what is going on around the world from typing the S'mores and thus it helped us be media literate. I felt a major and a very positive change after coming into this Language arts class, then my previous Language arts class. In this language arts class I got to learn everything in a very interactive and a more understanding way without any major pressure of studies, which was one of the best part of this language arts class. The only difference that could be made to make this class better would be to add some time for a break from studies during class.