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How "smart" is your SmartBoard?

An interactive whiteboard has become one of those tools I don't know how I managed to teach Kindergarten without for the last 12 years! I have wanted one, I have asked for one, I have even searched for ways to "rig" one up using the fabled Wii hack that went around the tech world a few years back. But I could never manage to talk the powers that be, or the brains that be, in the case of the Wii deal, to honor my request. I understand they are a bit cost prohibitive in a district with limited budgets and a dwindling fund balance, but truly, now that I have access to a SmartBoard in my tech labs, I wonder even more how I could ever live without one again.

Because of this newfound love affair with the SmartBoard, I am dedicating a section of my newsletter to resources just for them! The links below will provide lessons and ideas for using the SmartBoard and other interactive white boards. I think they will be particularly helpful if you are new to this technology. If you are an old pro, maybe you could send me some tips!

SmartBoard Lessons and Resources