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Welcome to ARC's first student library newsletter. The media center is an important part of the school environment. We offer service not only to teachers but to students as well. I felt it was important students know what is going on in their media center. I hope this newsletter serves to provide answers to questions students may have as well as offer information they were not aware of.

NEW in the ARC media center.
It is time Ms. West begin planning a book order. If there are any books you would like to recommend for the library you may go to the ARC Website and on the homepage there is a link to "Request a Book". This link will remain active all year, please submit as many books as you would like.

Visit the ARC Media Center webpage for more information.

The Stacks

ARC media center currently contains 16,160 titles in its collection. We have many of the series collections including The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Blue Bloods, The Hunger Games, Uglies, and many others. Stop by and find a book for you @ your ARC library. You can also search our online catalog Destiny.

Student IDs

Student IDs will be provided this year. Images will be imported using the school pictures. IDs will only be printed for 9th and 10th grades. The 11th and 12th grade students should have an id since last year was the only year we have not had use of the id maker. Students wanting to have a new ID made will be charged $5 .

Important Dates

Important school events can be found by checking the LED sign outside, the Scrolling News, and the ARC website.


  • Ms. Lewis - PIV - Parent Internet Viewer
  • Mr.s Harris - Material checkouts, tardy notes and letters of absences
  • Ms. West - eChalk, computer issues, materials request, Junior Council (Ring Ceremony & Prom)



eChalk is available to all students. eChalk provides you with space to save documents, a free email account, access to your classes, surveys to vote, group pages for clubs, and a homework dropbox. Note: not all teachers require you to use eChalk. Once you graduate your echalk account will be deleted.

Lab Reminders

  • NO FOOD OR DRINK in the labs.
  • Impero software is installed on ALL computers. Students caught using computers inappropriately will face consequences.
  • -NO SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS should take any class to the lab.

Website Warehouse

Dropbox is FREEWARE that provides the user with server space to save documents, pictures, presentations , etc... Dropbox is available on any computer with Internet access.

Edmodo is a FREEWARE tool that mimics Facebook. Edmodo allows the user to save information in their account. However to use this software a teacher must have created a class and provide a code to allow you access.

Ms. Laura West

Your Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Julie Harris

Your Library Media Clerk