Animal Trainer

Andrew Nichols-4th hour science

Career Overview

What is your career all about? What do people do who have this career?

This career is called an animal trainer they train things like dolphins, dogs, cats, and even falcons

This job takes patience and lots time it can take up to 4 years to train the animals. They train the the animals for things like messaging and lots of other daily activities that help out humans with our lives. They help blind people

and also help people send messages and other stuff like that.

What you need to succeed

What degree or classes do you need to take to be qualified?

You will probably need bachelors degree and you also might need a degree in physiology, marine biology,

and also Zoology and SCUBA certification. Others might include working in the field of animals and also degree in animal science and good swimming skills.

Tuition and Fees

  1. What is tuition per semester or per year?


2) How much will your total tuition be for however long it takes you to get your degree?


4) Total cost of tuition, housing, food/groceries and gas money

4 Years=80,000

5) Do you think you will need to apply for loans, financial aid, and/or scholarships?

Yes because college is expensive and we don’t have the money to pay for all of it

6) Do you think you will need to at least get a part-time job to help with costs?

Yes because my job will not pay very much and I will have not much time to work.

7) Money is not everything. The ultimate goal for everyone is to have a job that they are happy to go to every day. At the same time, people want to live a comfortable lifestyle where they are not stressed too much with money (no one wants to be in a situation where they don't know how they will pay for groceries and housing for the month). Considering first your happiness, then cost of your education, and then how much the job pays per year (you pay off the loan over time), do you feel this is a career you may want to pursue in the future?

Yes because I love working with animals

and i also like to help out people so by doing both i am very happy and make money through the two jobs that i have so i can make it through life.

Associations/Professional Organizations for this Career

1.Training Animals

2.Zoology Careers

Pros and Cons of being An Animal Trainer


1)Working with animals

2)Helping People

3)You can learn from the animals


1)Shedding and bathroom problems

2)Feeding them and helping them when they are hurt.

3) Emotional problems and sometimes dangerous

Job Advertisement

Did you know you can work with animals and help people at the SAME TIME!! but the salary isn't very good so you may want to get two jobs but oh my gosh you you get to work with dolphins. Its amazing the things they can do. The salary is 16 thousand at entry and 45 thousand at experienced you get work with animals like dogs, cats, monkeys, pigeons and even dolphins, so you should really do this job. They say that it has very irregular hours and also requires a marine biology, Zoology, and courses like that. It also says that you should have very good swimming skills and also have worked in the animal field before so if you love animals this is the job for you.