Tammy Tang

1. Who is William Shakespeare

He was an English poet, playwright and actor.

Born and died in April 1616. He lived to fifty-two years old.

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2. Shakespeare's Work

He wrote thirty-seven plays and one hundred fifty-four works that we know of.

Also introduced over 3,000 words to the English language.

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3. Types of Plays

William Shakespeare's plays are between comedy, history, and tragedy.

He wrote more about comedy than the others.

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4. We Learn A Lot of Phrases from Shakespeare

Some examples include

"Knock knock! Who's there?"


"Fight fire with fire"

"A piece of work"

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5. Shakespeare's Longest Play Is...

Hamlet. This play runs for about four to five hours and was written in 1,250 words.

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6. Hamlet

Hamlet was written in around 1600-1601. So this was during the medieval period.

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7. Setting

The play takes place in Denmark. Which is in North of Europe.

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8. Tone Of The Play

The tone in Hamlet is dark, melancholy, violent and passionate.

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9. Character: Hamlet

In the play, Hamlet is thirty years old.

He is the protagonist in the play and is the Prince of Denmark.

His mother is the Queen.

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10. Character: Ghost

In the play, the ghost is the spirit of Hamlet's dead father.

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