The Giver

By: Lois Lowry/ created by: Mariela Pupo

Book Summary:

A separate community of people far away from the rest of man kind have been living in a controlled environment for years. Specific groups of elders have been selected to control all of the community. Families are united by units that are selected by the elders who through the controlled environment watch the people to determine their specialty. When reaching a certain age, the community gathers for a meeting selecting new families for babies, and new jobs for those coming of age and other things. Many are selected for different things Jonas was selected as the reviser of memory, a job that failed long ago. the job required many difficult tasks. Jonas starts experiencing different things that starts to affect him and the controlled community. Is Jonas ready for the most important part of his job? Will he succeed?

"The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. Its the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared"


  • Jonas- main character/ Receiver of Memory
  • Mother- Jonas mom
  • Father- Jonas dad
  • Lily- Jonas sister
  • Gabriel- new child that needs extra care
  • Asher-Jonas best friend
  • Fiona- Jonas good friend
  • The Giver- the trainer of the Receiver of Memory
  • Chief Elder- The leader of the community
  • Rosemary- The Givers daughter/ previous Receiver of Memory


1.To what ages would you recommend this book to?
- I would personally recommend this book to young adults, from ages 13 and up, but anyone can read it if they'd like.
2. What were your thoughts about the ending?
- Great ending, it left readers wanting to read the next book that follows it to find out what happens.
3. Would you consider reading more books similar to The Giver?
- Why not? yes.
4. Was the movie better than the book?
- No. the book had more detail and made you understand every single thing happening. If i were to watch the movie alone, i would not have known what was going on.
5. Would you consider reading more books from Lois Lowry?
- yes. depending on the genre.

"Tomorow the only thing that changes is what we do. It dosents change wo we are."

* * * *