Book Report

Antania Q.

About Me

I used to read when I was younger. I like to read the action.

My Goals

My goals as a reader are read more hard text. I want to improve on reading more books.

My Favorites

I like romance because I like relationships and people talk about them.

I also like mean girls books because they are a lot of drama and I like to read about them.

Blog Entry

The last thing I read was Freak The Mighty, I liked it because it was funny and I liked how smart and intelligent Freak “Kevin” was. How Freak would bring out his dictionary book and talk about a word. I also liked it because Kevin is a cripple kid and he wouldn’t ever give up, and then he had a friend name Mighty “Max” that was always helpful and sometime stuck up for him.

Like Try Why

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Author Spotlight on Caroline B. Cooney

Origins and influences of author

Caroline B Cooney lived in Geneva and that’s a city in Orlando state of New York. Caroline came in influenced by a sixth grade teacher Mr. Albert. He would make his students “Caroline” to make a little story from the magazines picture he would give them and she would be the one who would always keep writing and never stop.

Author's books, genres, messages/themes

Some of her books are: “Flight #116, The Face on the Milk Carton, Code Orange, Whatever Happened to Janie.” Caroline love to make things up and that’s how she became a famous writer.

Quotes by your author and explanations

Caroline was ask about her remarkable about Janie and she said. “I’m pretty upbeat myself. I wake up every morning excited about the day to come, sure the sun will shine and I will see friends. Janie is that kind of person.”

Caroline was asked what made her revisit the character's and write the final serious of it she said "My wonderful editor, Beverly Horowitz at Random House, said one day that she still thinks of Janie and Reeve and Janie's two families, and wonders about them.

Trivia-Interesting facts

Caroline loved writing and reading some books. She would always go to an old school and read to them about her books.

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