Walla Walla Community College

Early Childhood Education

Walla Walla

WWCC is located in Walla Walla, Washington. Home of the warriors. The campus is spread across over 100 acres. There were around 800 students attending WWCC in 1967 with a rapid growth to present day there is around 10,000 students enrolled at WWCC. The college supports and is equal with employment and as well as education.

WWCC'S Early Childhood Education Program

In the program provided by WWCC you can get a degree of childhood education with one year of schooling. There is 18 different courses to take for the degree. Entrance requirements are - A placement test and a criminal background check. Scholarships are available for people working in the childcare and learning program. There are 5 different career opportunities from WWCC with this certain degree... Pre-shool teacher or assistant - Child care provider - Childcare center teacher - Childcare Director - and par-educator


Class Fees

A full school year would cost $17,802 without living with parents living with parents it would be $11,244. Also adding $1467 if you live out of state. At WWCC they provide a easy accessible payment plan for people that are in need of a payplan. They have also provided grants and scholarships to students that apply for them.