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Monday, October 17

  • Work Day!!!!!!
  • 8:30-9:30- Growth Plan Meetings- Meet in library for instructions
  • Rest of the day is work time (You can come in as early as 6AM-no earlier)

Tuesday, October 18

  • 3rd Grade Penny War all week
  • Mike Rutherford & Title I Principals visit Watkins from 11:30-3:15- using room 111 & observing in Acevedo and Bolinger
  • K/1 on Campbell Farm Field Trip
  • Committee Meetings @ 4PM
  • Girl Scouts in Art room at 4:30PM

Wednesday,October 19

  • Don't Meth With Us Presentation @ 10AM in library for 5th Grade
  • Weekly SPED Meeting @ 2PM in library
  • Janine heads to CPR Training after announcements
  • Boy Scout Meeting @ 6:30PM in APR

Thursday, October 20

  • Janine at dentist with daughter in morning- back by 10:30ish
  • Fire Safety Day in APR (PE outside)-see e-mailed schedule

Friday, October 21

  • School Picture Day
  • Janine, Lola, Liz and Amy attend Effectively Responding to Student Misbehaviors until 11:30AM
  • Fall Festival!!!!! All certified staff must attend

Teacher Morning Duty

APR: Perez & Matz

Marigold Moments


  • Thank you to everyone for holding down the fort while I was out two days this past week. You all rock!
  • Thanks to the 4th and 5th grade team for helping Sarah's subs while she was out...I know she appreciated it.
  • Thanks to Jodi, Liz, Krista and Manden for being Lead Teachers at different points this week.
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Friday Feedback

I need everyone to respond to the first question. Thanks!


Start with Higher-Order Thinking

Below is an excellent article from Educational Leadership about how to effectively lesson plan while keeping higher order thinking skills a priority. Take a minute to read it!