Lesson Plans and Movies

Norms for Lesson Plans and for Showing Movies in my Class

When should they be turned in?

Lesson Plans should be in Eduphoria no later than Monday 8:00am for that CURRENT week.

Do we all need to have them in Eduphoria?


Everyone should have their own plans in Eduphoria. Even if you plan as a content group. HINT: Copy and Paste from your colleagues.

Do I need to have a Plan for all 4 of my preps?

If you have 4 preps, then make sure you have plans entered for the class you have the most sections of. As soon as you are able , please make sure you have plans in for the other classes. Rough sketches are acceptable for additional preps. Please remember, the plans are to help you plan and visualize what your class will look like during that 45 minute period.

What template do we use?

There are many to choose from and we don't dictate what they should look like. The most common used on campus is the 5E model or some similar variation.

  • 5E - Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate
  • Essential Question driven plans
  • Warm-Up, Materials, Procedures, and Evaluation
  • Frame, Warm-Up, Class Activities, and Homework


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Make all your plans relevant to your classroom.

This should be an outline of everything needed to teach your lesson.

Essential Questions should help drive your lesson.

Make sure all is ready to be checked Monday morning by 8AM!

Assistant Principals will be contacting all teachers that do not have plans submitted.

Mrs. Tyler and Mrs. Posey will be helping APs check for completion each week.

Movies in the Classroom

What? When? Where? and Why?

Is there a time and a place to show a movie?


Movies can provide educational value when used along with other curriculum and teaching materials. Movies shown in the classroom must have a direct correlation to a lesson plan as a part of face-to-face instruction.

It is not appropriate to show movies solely for entertainment purposes.

For example, even though Schindler’s List may have an important and valuable historical perspective, you would not show the movie at school unless it was related to topics being taught in the classroom. Movies that have minimal educational or historical value should not be shown.

Is the movie age appropriate?

Parents should be notified prior to classroom use of a movie with more than a "G" rating. If parents do not want their student viewing the movie, the student must be given an alternative activity and cannot be responsible for any assignments based on the content of the film.

Teachers should also be highly sensitive to the diverse cultures of their students. What may be acceptable in the homes of some students may not be acceptable in the homes of other students, and great sensitivity must be given to the choice of video materials used in the school.

Can I show a small clip?

Small clips of a movie are preferable. If you intend to show a full length movie please see your appraising Assistant Principal. Be ready to discuss:

  • Title of the movie
  • Length and Rating of the movie
  • Where you plan on showing the film
  • Why you feel it necessary to show the entire movie and how it pertains to the curriculum of your subject

See link below for more information on showing movies in the classroom.