Mintz Elementary School Newsletter

December 2020

Important Dates/Events

December 7 - SAC sponsored - 7 Habits for Families Virtual Event; 6:30 PM

December 7 - Picture Retakes

December 11 - Find the Flag Friday

December 21st - January 1st - Winter Break; No School

January 4th, 2021 - Students Return

Early Release Mondays

Each Monday is an Early Release day. Your child is released at 12:55 PM. Parents, please set a reminder on your phone or smartwatch to remember these days--It's easy to get busy and forget.


December 7th

December 14th

News from Ms. Moltisanti

We are very excited to be bringing our 7 Habits to families as well as our students. Our SAC (School Advisory Committee) is sponsoring this ongoing family training this year. During this unsettling 2020, the 7 Habits are more important than ever to help us keep our lives balanced and in focus. This is true for adults and children. If you pre-register for this training, we will be able to get a participant guide to you ahead of time. During the meeting, we'll also be doing random drawings for copies of the book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families.

We have a schoolwide safety WIG going on: 100% of students will arrive at school with a mask. Our Morning Show Crew is tracking data each day. Please help your child to remember their mask each day. Keeping a spare in the bookbag is also a great idea.

If an immediate family member or a student tests positive for COVID-19, please let us know right away so we can begin appropriate quarantine and cleaning procedures.

The on-site students have really enjoyed participating in the Tampa Bay Bucs challenge of "Raise the Flag" on Fridays before a Bucs home game. At Mintz, we tweaked it a bit to "Find the Flag", and we display the Bucs flag in a different location on campus each time. During the Fall Break I received word that one of our submitted photos was chosen, and we have won some school supplies for our kids, courtesy of the Buccaneers Foundation! It was a nice surprise!

Keeping Children First,

Debbie Moltisanti

7 Habits for Families Virtual Event

Monday, Dec. 7th, 6:30-7:30pm

This is an online event.

We are excited to announce our first virtual family night sponsored by our SAC. We will focus on Habit 1: Be Proactive.

English Zoom:

Meeting ID: 891 0473 6061

Passcode: SaC#2020

Espanol Zoom:

Meeting ID: 846 1662 1198

Passcode: BVx$=2UT

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Habit 2 - Begin With the End in Mind

Developing Vision and Creating Goals

Habit 2 is all about having a vision and creating goals to make it happen. In the past, we would think about how we want something to turn out before we start it. It's hard to get started and make things happen. It is almost like going on a road trip without specific directions. Goal setting is an important skill for success. We are teaching our Mariners to set a goal, then, break it down into small manageable pieces. Our students have been busy creating personal and academic W.I.G.S (Wildly Important Goals). It is important to celebrate these successes with your child.

What you can do at home: Point out choices: share stories from your life when you set a goal and either met the goal or did not. Create a goal with your child: Is there something your child wants that he/she can work for? Better reading skills, a day with a parent, a new toy, or a game? Help your child set the goal and define steps they can take to achieve it. Make sure it is attainable to create a positive experience. Look to the future Help your child identify a new interest and then encourage activities, skills, books, or other opportunities that support that interest. Show them how these little steps can lead them to greater opportunities to use this interest in a variety of ways or careers in their adult life. They very well may change their mind, but they will know you support them.

Words to use: Reminder: It is important to use a non-judgmental tone. You are inviting your child to think for themselves and share their ideas, views, and conclusions with you.

· “What do you plan on this being when you are finished?”

· “Can we break this into more manageable steps?”

· “Do you need anything from me in order for you to be successful?”

· “What other steps do we need to take to reach this goal?”

· “Well, what do you want more, this (immediate) or your goal of (child’s goal?)”

Mid Year iReady Diagnostic Assessments

Students in grades 3 -5 are scheduled to take the i-Ready Secure Diagnostic in Reading and Mathematics. The window opens on November 30th.

To help your child prepare for these diagnostics, make sure they get a good night’s rest, eat breakfast, and are reminded to not rush through the assessment. Students should plan to use headphones as well to minimize other noise distractions.

eLearning-Please refer to your child’s diagnostic assessment schedule published on your child’s Canvas page. It is important that your child does not access the diagnostic without teacher supervision. Students that complete the diagnostic without teacher supervision could result in voiding the test and retaking the assessment.

On-Site Learners-Your child's diagnostic will take place during the school day and will be monitored by your child's teacher. Please contact your child's teacher for the exact date of assessments.

For more specific questions regarding your child’s i-Ready testing, please contact your child’s teacher.

Meet our Safety Patrols

Every year, a few dedicated students take on the leadership role of Safety Patrol. Safety Patrols apply for this leadership role and are selected because of their responsible and trustworthy behaviors. Safety Patrols help to ensure that arrival and dismissal at school are safe for everyone. Thank you to Coach Todd Spahn for sponsoring this group!

Hi, my name is Lita: I like to sing, listen to music, and pick outfits. I love fashion, cooking, graffiti art!!!!

Hi, my name is Mariah D.: I like going swimming and riding my bike!

Hi, my name is Vinita: I like drawing and hanging out with my friends!

Hi, my name is Marius: I like to play football and I think I am very good at it.

Hi, my name is Kaden: I enjoy doing anything outside like playing basketball or skateboarding or going to the park.

Hi, my name is Amber: One of my favorite hobbies is drawing and editing pictures with unrealistic features.

Hi, my name is Mariah V.: I enjoy being a safety patrol because it is a fun job and I love going to school.

Hi, my name is Shakylah: I really like drawing, dancing, and playing with my friends.

Hi, my name is Andreiw: I enjoy playing with my fish, watching TV, and hanging out with my family.

Hi, my name is Anyelin: I enjoy riding my penny board and watching The Suite with Zack and Cody.

Hi, my name is Giselle: I enjoy watching TV and playing video games.

Hi, my name is Atticus: I enjoy playing Roblox and minecraft.

Hi, my name is Bella: I enjoy playing football, drawing and playing with my friends.

Hi, my name is Grace: I enjoy playing basketball and drawing.

Big picture

ESOL - English Language Learners

Developing Reading Stamina

With the upcoming scheduled winter break, an opportunity arises for students to build their reading stamina. Reading stamina is a child’s ability to focus and read independently for longer periods of time, without being distracted or without distracting others. This is particularly important for English Language Learners because as they move into higher grades, having reading stamina will help them build their self-confidence, as well as give them the tools to be successful readers. Here are some activities from Reading Rockets that you can begin establishing at home to help your child develop his/her stamina:

1.Vary the way reading is done. A combination of having your child “read to himself/herself, read to someone, and listen to reading,” should make up the reading time for new or struggling readers.

2.Set reasonable goals. When starting out, limit book time to just a few minutes and work up from there for younger children. For elementary-aged readers, a good idea is to start with 10-15 minutes of reading time and work up from there. Create a chart or graph with your child and have them share how many minutes they want to increase their time each week.

3.Lastly, make to celebrate. Celebrate the time that they have spent reading, by sharing the news with friends and family, or celebrate by having them share their favorite book or a chapter with you.

Con las próximas vacaciones de invierno programadas, surge una oportunidad para que los estudiantes construyan su resistencia lectora. La resistencia a la lectura es la capacidad de un niño para enfocarse y leer de forma independiente durante períodos de tiempo más largos, sin distraerse o sin distraer a los demás. Esto es particularmente importante para los estudiantes de inglés porque a medida que avanzan en grados más altos, tener resistencia lectora les ayudará a desarrollar su confianza en sí mismos, así como les dará las herramientas para ser lectores exitosos. Estas son algunas actividades de Reading Rockets que puede comenzar a establecer en casa para ayudar a su hijo a desarrollar su resistencia:

1.Variar la forma en que se hace la lectura. Una combinación de que su hijo "se lea a sí mismo, lea a alguien y escuche la lectura" debe compensar el tiempo de lectura para los lectores nuevos o con dificultades.

2.Establezca metas razonables. Al comenzar, limite el tiempo del libro a solo unos minutos y trabaje desde allí para los niños más pequeños. Para los lectores de edad primaria, una buena idea es comenzar con 10-15 minutos de tiempo de lectura y trabajar desde allí. Cree una tabla o gráfico con su hijo y pídale que comparta cuántos minutos desea aumentar su tiempo cada semana.

3.Por último, hacer para celebrar. Celebre el tiempo que han pasado leyendo, compartiendo las noticias con amigos y familiares, o celebre haciendo que compartan su libro o capítulo favorito con usted.

Mintz Media Center Canvas Course

If your student has not enrolled in the Mintz Media Center canvas course, please take a moment to do so using this link -- This will allow your child easy access to many resources including ebooks, safe research sites, and more.

Book Fair Orders Update

The online book fair orders will be delivered soon! Thank you so much to all of our families who participated. Mrs. Howell appreciates your support. Enjoy your new books!

Happy Holidays from the Media Center

4th-grade SLAM (Student Literacy & Media Showcase) Kickoff is happening the first week in December! The award-winning SLAM books are part of the Hillsborough County Student Literacy and Media showcase. Students are encouraged to create 2D art projects and digital projects in response to the 15 Sunshine State Award Winning books. Although this year’s event will be virtual, the top projects from Mintz will still be showcased during the event and students will have the opportunity to meet real live authors via Zoom. This reading program is open to all of our face to face students, as well as our eLearners!

1st-grade readers will soon engage in fun learning activities, using SSYRA Jr. books. After reading and exploring 5 titles, the 1st-grade readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite award-winning book! Stay tuned to find out which title will win?

Wishing all of you safe and happy holidays! Make it a tradition to read some holiday books during this special time of year.

Happy Reading, Mrs. Howell

Middle School Choice Application Closes December 11th

Parents or guardians of fifth-grade students, please be aware that the application for school choice closes December 11th. Your child's neighborhood school assignment for middle school is McLane. Students do NOT need to apply for choice for the assigned neighborhood school. Families who are electing to attend another school for magnet programs or other programs will need to apply for choice.

Choice information is available at