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· FRONT- not so important since the levels don’t always match to our levels. If you haven’t filled it in, no need to. If you have, just leave it- it is fine.

· INSIDE record the information of the test you ended up putting in Inform. There was some debate about this since some kids receive multiple tests, but then we run out of room.

· RTI KIDS- NEW THIS YEAR - We would like to see the assessments (title and scores) you have given to RtI kids and also what worked and what didn’t. There is not a set form, but we have a few examples of what you could use. Include in the DRA folder.

· BACK- it’s just a check mark or X- fill it in.

· The only hard copy that needs to be in the folder is the final one given for the year. Please take the others out and shred them. (This would include the K-3 folder for 4th grade teachers.)

Remember to go to the next grade level's tests, students must be advanced in fluency and comprehension


· Check your guidelines carefully! This information is reported at the District level and the performance levels need to be accurate. The Inform guidelines will be sent to you.

· Remember- students must be independent in fluency before continuing on the test. Please do not make me have to talk to you about this. You will not want to be redoing DRAs the last week of school.

· As always, follow sped accommodations when giving the DRA. If you have questions, please come see me. This includes speech kids as well.

Pass-On Folders

· After much discussion and thought, the only thing we are putting in the pass-on folder is the DRA folder. There is no need for a writing sample or math assessment. Any data information you want on a student can be found on Inform.

· Writing samples will be collected the first week of school next year.

· If there is student work in the folder, please send it home with the student.


Please ask if you have any questions. Call or email me anytime.