Thursday's Thoughts

March 21, 2018

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I want to always be better at what I do each day. I want to never stop learning, coming up with new ideas, and finding ways to help kids be succesful. I don't want to be "lukewarm" ever. I know you join me in being passionate about our work and working hard to "go at it at full speed" each day.

One way to grow as a teacher is to have experiences in various grade levels. As we are working to plan for the 2018-2019 school year, spend some time thinking about where you are as a teacher. If you feel that you have been in your current grade level for too long, you would like to change things up a bit, you have considered looping with your class to see how far you can take them, you are ready for a new and exciting challenge, and/or you have considered moving to another grade level, please let me know. We are constantly looking at data, things that have worked, and things that have not as we plan for the future of CGE. Each year is a new exciting adventure, so let me know if you need a change.

Ms. Darlene

As you all know, Darlene has been out a lot with her husband and with her own health. She feels that she needs to be at home with Randy right now as he has two surgeries coming up. She wanted me to let you all know that she loves you, but she has decided to resign in order to be at home.

Ms. Donna Hatcher will be joining us on a trial basis begininning tomorrow. Her hours will be from 10:00-6:00. Please join me in making her feel welcome to our school.

Ny Riddle

Ny Riddle has joined us in the computer lab. We are working to turn this lab into a spanish lab along with integrating technology. Please join me in welcoming her to our school family!
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We will have 22 instructional days before 3rd grade testing begins when we return from spring break. ;-) We have almost finshed all of MAP testing for grades 3-5. Patty's class along with 1st and 2nd grades will follow the test schedule below:

Patty's class: Monday, March 26th

1st and 2nd grades: the week of March 26th during computer lab time. We will begin with ELA.

1st and 2nd grades: the week of April 9th during computer lab time-math.

We would like to meet with grades 3-5 to look at your MAP data and target small group next week. The schedule is below:

3rd: March 26th at 8:15

4th: March 26th at 9:10

5th: March 26th at 10:05

We will meet with K-2 as soon as MAP testing is complete.

iPads in grades 3-5

Make sure you have made plans and spoken with your classes about their iPads. No iPads are to go home after we return from spring break. We need to make sure all iPads are here, working correctly, and charged so that this will not be an issue during testing.

Testing Shields (grades 3-5)

Please let me know if you have enough shields in your classroom for every student to put up during testing. These shields need to be free from any writing. If you need new shields, please let me know ASAP.

Teacher Attendance

Remember to make sure you are here everyday unless you have an emergency from

May 10-May 24th.

Upcoming Dates:

March 23rd: 3-5 to Jungle Book

March 26th: Meetings with 3rd, 4th, and 5th during planning

March 27th: End of 3rd nine weeks

March 28th: Barnes and Noble trip for Box Tops winners

March 29th: House Winner Party

March 30th: 5th grade to middle school

April 9th: All ipads begin staying at school for grades 3-5, 1st and 2nd grade MAP begins.

April 10th: School Battle of the Books

April 11th: 5th grade cap and gown pictures

April 11th: Faculty Meeting

April 12th: Report cards go home

Happy Friday!