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September 20-24, 2021

Congratulations! We've have survived and are thriving in our sixth week of the 2020-2021 school year! I am doing my old-school happy dance in my living area and smiling from cheek to cheek as I think of what we're accomplishing and our gelling as a campus! Thank you for your continuous support!

In case you haven't heard, our district is all about the "Experience" we are providing for all stakeholders--students, families, teachers, community. We've spoken several times of the "ESSM Experience" as we continue to revitalize our school.

That brings me to our second visit from School Leadership that included our Executive Director, Dr. Zysk and Instructional Coach Hodges. In a nutshell, during that visit, we observed the ESSM classroom experience. After participating in the feedback session, I decided to capture what I believe are some of the big rocks from the visit as we provide the optimal learning experience:

The Basics of the ESSM Classroom Experience

· Post legible and aligned LO and DOL.

· Execute planned instruction per PLC commitment.

· Provide students a reference of the expected assignment (demonstration, anchor chart, exemplar).

· Pose planned questions throughout to solidify the intended learning.

· Design classroom to engage ALL students—structure and décor.

· Connect with students through shared voices.

· Make learning resources accessible to all learners.

Have a great week and I'll see you in the classroom!



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Monday, September 20, 2021

  • Class Meetings: 10AM ESSM Freshmen; 4PM ESSM Sophomores (Commons)
  • Humanities PLC 9th
  • AP PLC
  • Magnet Principals' Meeting 10:30
  • Spot Observations
  • Pre-Conferences Make-Up: Grace, Mitchell, Williams, Ramos, Simpson
  • AP Lit Follow-Up

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

  • Morning Duty
  • Class Meetings: 10AM ESSM Seniors; 4PM ESSM Juniors (Commons)
  • Humanities PLC 10th
  • Spot Observations
  • Pre-Conferences Continue: Mourneau, Nelson
  • TMC Principals' Meeting
  • AP Lit Follow-Up
  • SBDM

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

  • Cluster PLC
  • AM Parent Conference
  • Spot Observations
  • AP Lit Follow-Up
  • Phoenix Leadership Team

Thursday, September 23, 2021

  • AM Duty
  • Office Staff Meeting
  • Spot Observations
  • AP Vertical Team Meeting Dates
  • Parent Involvement and Parent Compact Meeting 6:15 PM

Friday, September 24, 2021

  • Feedback Sessions
  • Spot Observations
  • Logistics for Vacant Classes (Grades)
  • Parent Involvement and Parent Compact Meeting 8:15AM
  • Lesson Plans Due

Thank you, Cluster Team!

I applaud this team's flexibility, collaboration, and initiative as we work to provide students authentic, relevant learning experiences. The quality of work that is coming from our students is inspiring!
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Posse Nominees!

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Around ESSM

  • Ms. Kennedy reads the end of The Epic og Gilgamesh
  • Mr.Rojas' students complete culminating assignment
  • Mrs. Duncan plays "Happy Birthday" to CIC VanSickle
  • Mrs. Nelson's student celebrate "Education, go get it week!"
  • Students remember CIC Vansickle's Birthday with sweets
  • ESSM and others enjoy lunch
  • TMC Counselors kick off "Education, go get it week!"
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A Little SEL for the Principal

As I was conducting goal-setting conferences last week, I arrived at Mr.Mikesell's classroom.

He asked, "Would you like a cup of coffee or tea?" "Yes, I'd like a cup of tea, " I replied. He then brewed me a cup of tea and we had such a nice academic conversation. This act of kindness changed my whole day. Thank you, Mr. Mikesell!

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Rosie Sorrells School of Education and Social Services


All scholars from the Rosie Sorrell School of Education and Social Services will graduate as empowered citizens equipped to lead and serve as impassioned educators and humanitarians.


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