Why I would NEVER do drugs.

One reason why I won't do drugs is...

WHAT? What is the activity? What kind of equipment do you need? Do you need specific weather conditions?

For soccer all you need is need shin guards and cleats.

WHO? Include your name and others involved in the activity and HOW? HOW? How many people are involved? Does it cost $? How can someone get started in this activity? Is it difficult?

My team is nice because we all have a winning mindset so we will do anything to win a game or have fun. We have around 15 people on our team and the amount of people on the field is 9 so we have 6 subs. It requires some money to play on a travel team but it doesn't cost money for modified.

WHERE? Where does the activity take place? Does this location have a name? Describe the activity.

I play it Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Monday we play at the Sports Garden and on Tuesday we play in the gym at Fyle school and on Saturday we play a Brighton Sports Zone. We have a season and on mondays it is after school.

WHY? Why do you like this activity? Why is it important or special to you?

I like soccer because it is a team sport and we all have to work together to win and score. It is important to me because