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Peyton Doe, Editor-in-Cheif

Treaty of Versailles

President Wilson's 14 points plan to establish a "just and lasting peace". A major point was self-determination and the creation of the League of Nations to maintain peace and prosperity and avoid anger hostility. The leaders President Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd, George Clemenceau, and Vittorio Orlando became known as the Big Four. Germany paid Allies reparations- payments for damages. German Officials signed the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919.

women's working

Women's working conditions are terrible! The working stations are dirty and poorly kept, women get little pay. These women need to be paid better and need better cleaner working places. Women who work at clothing factories get pricked with the needles and don't get proper cleaning to the cut, so their getting infected or diseases. Women need better working places and better pay so that they can support their family's and not bring any diseases home.
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Business Take Over

Businesses are taking over. Telling you to buy this and get that. Having people in dirty unsanitary working environments. Paying people hardly anything and being selfish and keeping all the money for themselves. Do we really need everything they sell? They don't give anything to us so why should we give them our money?
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Victory Bonds

What are Liberty Bonds? They are loans people pay to the government that help pay for the war. Prevent an event like the Lusitania happening again.

Tampico Incident

9 USS Dolphin crew members were arrested then released in the Mexican port of Tampico. Mexican government refused to apologies. How dare they harass U.S crew members then not say sorry when they are released. I guarantee Mexican government would not be very happy if we held some of their crew members hostage then release them and not say sorry afterwards.
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That's a Knock Out!

American boxer Gene Tunney defeats Jack Dempsey and wins the title of the worlds heavy weight boxing champion. On September 22, Tunney floored Dempsey in their 9th round, Tunney won their 10 round tournament, winning the heavyweight boxing champion title!

The "Flapper"

Looks like there is a new style in town! Yep, people are calling it the "flapper". Looks like women are taking a little bit of a rebellious turn with their short dresses and hair!


Cowboys started here. Longhorns, Cattle brought to Dodge City. The Santa Fe Railroad reached this area in 1872 and Dodge City was found. It was names Buffalo City but the name was denied by the Post Office Department because Kansas already had a town by that name. They used the Western Trial and the Chisholm Trail from south Texas to Dodge City where the Texas trade was eager.


Gambling hot spots included the Southern club.Al Capone was born in Brooklyn in 1899. Al Capone was responsible for many brutal acts of violence, manly against other gangsters. Al Capone served 6 and a half years before he was released. His biggest acts was the Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929.


Ox teams were used for hauling heavy or large loads of granite overland. The stone industry got started when the colonial settlers started cutting into granite outcroppings of the surrounding hills to make lintels for their sidewalks and homes for the town.


In 1925, a life or death race to save children in Nome, AK from a disease. Doctors realized that a deadly diphtheria epidemic was to go through Nome’s young people.
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