January 10, 2014

Mr. Posick's Friday email

I may have jinxed us!

Last week, my final paragraph was entitled "Baby It's Cold Outside". It may have been the reason that we got hit with our worst cold snap since the 1990s. That being said, we still were able to be outside this week for recess. Please remember that we go outside if the temperature is above zero and the windchill is above -15 degrees. A coat, hat, and gloves or mittens really come in handy.

MAP testing

As you are aware, we started our Mid-year MAP testing this week. We hope that we are able to complete this round of testing by the end of next week. You can check the Intermediate calendar for the subject, dates and times of our testing sessions. We will provide results as soon as all of our students have completed the tests.

Back in the "school routine"

After our Winter Break and our unexpected cold days this week, we (both students and staff) are attempting to get back into the swing of school. It is important for us all to get into a routine that includes a place and time to do homework, a wake up time, a bed time, and a time for reflection and relaxation including family and friend time. This is different for all of us. I do some of my best work in the early mornings when I can be focused and plan for the day with limited interruptions. Hopefully we have a string of consistent school days to help us all out. If you need any suggestions for your child, feel free to contact me.

Early start parent information

This afternoon, you received information from Mr. Russ regarding early start options for Merton Schools. Here is the same link Mr. Russ sent out today. There will be two parent informational meetings regarding this topic. The first is Monday, January 27th from 6:30-7:30. The second is Wednesday, February 5th from 7:00-8:00. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Russ (russr@merton.k12.wi.us or 538-2227)